I felt so delighted when I was given the task of writing this very story. The reason is because the person we are featuring this time around and I have something in common – we are both bakers! As I engaged this emerging colossus in the world of creative enterprise, she exuded tremendous insights and compelling tales of her entrepreneurial journey. Beautiful and creative Akpevwe Idonor is an inspiring young lady with a drive for success and keen interest in anything creative.

She runs her own venture called “BLU CAKES” having found her passion in baking. Blu Cakes is located in the beautiful city of Port Harcourt and offers a wide range of products that cuts across all age groups which includes intending couples, individuals and corporate bodies.


The starting point for Akpevwe was in 2004 while she was shopping with her Mum during a long vacation at home, she set her eyes on an electric oven and the desire to do something with her spare time sprung up. She nurtured the desire to purchase the oven though she had no funds. Two weeks later, she got a call from her uncle notifying her that he had just transferred her pocket money into her account. Like the dream chaser she is, she sacrificed the pocket money to purchase the oven of Four Thousand Naira as at that time. Her start-up capital was the sum of Seven Thousand Naira {#7000} which was actually a loan from a friend and that was how it all started, out of nothing her dream came alive!


Blu Cakes as a business initiative was founded in 2004, but got incorporated in September 2008. In 2009, other partners were brought on board as a means to expand the business because; with the collective investment of the partners it became easier to purchase the industrial equipments that will aid the scale and capacity at which Blu Cakes needed to operate.

As the manager of the business, Akpevwe strives to place customers at the center of Blu Cakes’ business and to achieve that, all cakes are usually customized in artistry and recipes are made to suit the specific need of each customer.

The strength of Blu Cakes lies on the team who plan and strategize on the growth of the brand.  Blu Cakes also have people who work directly and actively in the bakery, they are currently four in number.


The key motivating factor for Akpevwe has been her dreams of being better than yesterday and impacting the world around her positively. She has developed the good habit of seeking continuous improvement by doing the best in her capacity and space to turn her dreams into reality, and it has now become a sort of quest which keeps her going just as she’s constantly grooming the Blu Cakes brand and pushing things to the next level.

On her biggest influences, she says “my major influences have been my immediate family – my mother always encouraged independence from a very early stage. These are things that have made me stronger. Also, because of my desire to learn and grow, over the years, I associated with a certain class of enterprising young people. They were an inspiration; they believed and invested in me.”

Akpevwe is a woman of faith. In her own words, “I draw strength from the one who had made it all possible and I totally acknowledge Him because it is Him that has enabled my hands to do great things and out of little things something of  worth have come forth.”



Every venture, no matter how noble or well planned, comes with challenges in various forms. For Blu Cakes, one of the challenges has been gaining better visibility for the brand to thrive. To tackle this challenge, Blu Cakes is working on getting an outlet to further boost its exposure. Alongside that, efforts are on to get a better workspace that can accommodate the anticipated growth and expansion plans which includes having a training school. Blu Cakes is also leveraging social media to further promote the brand and that is gradually yielding positive results.

On the common challenge of capital and epileptic power supply, Akpevwe has quite an interesting perspective most young people need to hear, she says “these challenges can only be an obstacle if you cannot innovate and believe it in your mind that there are endless possibilities to succeed”. That’s the spirit of an entrepreneur; lack of funds doesn’t stop them!


This is one of my favourite aspects of this amazing lady’s story! Read her words: “I started baking a few months before I turned twenty. I was a 200 level student then in the University of Port Harcourt. Having to balance my time between what I love to do and my academics was an experience that had its way of instilling in me discipline and time management. Being enterprising has had a great positive impact on my character as a person and has helped me to realize that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you put your heart to it.”

She also said “The road down here has not been an easy one, there have been long days of feeling deserted, frustrated and uncertain. There were a lot of failed recipes, dripping icings, just to mention a few, but everything was worth it at last. At such moments, it is the love in your heart for what you do that can sustain you, if you are truly passionate about it.” This is where many throw in the towel, but Akpevwe has withstood it all. You too can if you believe!

And this was a punch line, “it has been a process of learning and painful sacrifices. The truth is, what you can’t give yourself totally to, you truly cannot succeed at it” she said.


Birthday Cake by Blu Cakes


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Colors of My Life by Blu Cakes

Cupcake Sunshine by Blu Cakes

Cup Cakes

Customized Cake

Anniversary Cake

Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding Cake by Blu Cakes

Wedding Cake by Blu Cakes

Wedding Cake

wedding cake




So long as people keep eating cake, the future remains bright for Blu Cakes. Every activity and plan of Blu Cakes is aimed at just one thing – becoming a first class Cake Outfit. Akpevwe and her team are focused on making their brand name ‘Blu Cakes’ epitomize a perfect blend of professionalism and excellence. Crowning the customer’s celebration with cute and tasty cakes is the top-most priority of Blu Cakes.



Asked on what she has to say to other young entrepreneurs, she said “keep the passion alive, never be defeated by what seems to be a stumbling block, be relentless, and see only possibilities.” Also, she had this to say “continually build your skills so that you can offer value and remain relevant.”

I am happy I met such an astounding lady who is a baker just like me though we bake different things, she bakes cakes and I bake stories!

By the way! You can contact Blu Cakes via:

Mobile: 08089398940; 08037895910

Twitter: @tasteblucakes


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Diepriye Diri


Written by Diri Diepriye, a final year student of Niger Delta University studying Sociology. She is an intern with Southern Brands.

We are building a platform of knowledge, information, & networking for forward thinking & enterprising young people as well as Brands across the #South-South & beyond!

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