THE_VOICESI speak every week on radio. And whenever I do, I usually receive calls from beautiful people. While some call just to express their thanks, others want to find out more about me or about how to obtain my transcripts. (Of course, there are those whose calls are mere flashes. Chinonso smiles!). After speaking on radio one fateful day, I got a call from a man known as Mr. Timothy (real name not mentioned).

He said he really wanted to see me because he had something very critical to share with me. Well, since my schedule was tight, I requested that we meet in my office a week later. When the day came for us to meet, I got an early call from him reminding me of the meeting. Unfortunately, due to tight schedule, I shifted the meeting again to the following week. Yet, Mr. Timothy wasn’t swayed to jettison the proposed meeting. Although, he really wanted to meet with me but he accepted my apologies.

When the new date arrived, I was eager, ready, and nervous to meet with Mr. Timothy in my office.

Frankly, I thought Mr. Timothy was a young fellow, but I was utterly wrong. He wasn’t. Mr. Timothy was an elderly man who I believed would be in his late ‘70s. When we met, we exchanged warm pleasantries, and I led the way to my office. As we proceeded to my office, I noticed he was limping. “Sorry sir, I hope you’re OK?” I enquired of him. With an elderly smile on his face, he replied, “I had an accident just recently. But that’s OK. I will be fine.” When we entered my office, we both had our seats and the meeting commenced right away.

“Sir, I’ve always listened to your radio programme, and I really love it,” he said. “I decided to come and see you because I want to say thank you and also let you know that I’ve been applying what you teach.” When he finished uttering those words, I was really moved and then suddenly I felt like hitting myself with a sledgehammer! I mean, at his age and with his condition, I felt so sad allowing him go through all the stress of coming to see me. I apologized, and he forgave him.

Mr. Timothy is a senior citizen, pensioner and a grandfather, but he runs his own business right inside his room. He produces locally made, good quality, long-lasting candles and gladly sells them to his growing clients. At his age, Mr. Timothy wakes up by 4 a.m. each day to produce his candles that add tremendous value to his clients. No doubt, Mr. Timothy caught a fulfilling idea and he decided to run with it. And this fulfilling idea makes him a continuous learner, irrespective of his old age. As at the time of writing this piece, Mr. Timothy had featured consequently as a participant in two of my personal development seminars. And he still listens to my radio programme—SuccessMatters™.

QUESTION TIME: What lesson(s) can you extrapolate from the above excerpt about Mr. Timothy? Please do leave your comment for others to learn; I’m sure other readers of this blog will find it truly helpful.

Chinonso Ogbogu is a business trainer, success coach, highly sought-after conference speaker, gifted writer, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of the popular SuccessMatters™ and the conveyor of the monthly GET INSIGHT, GET INSPIRED™ event. He is also the author of the newest, upcoming book known as ‘THE VOICES’. Follow me on twitter: @chinonsowrites or Facebook:

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