It’s more blessed to give than to receive. ~ Acts 20:35.

Desist from Dreaming of the gifts you’ll want to Receive this valentine or Mounting pressure directly or indirectly on your spouse/lover for a particular gift as a sign of love to you. It’s wicked and selfish. Rather, think of what you can give to him/her that would add real value to his/her Life.

For Example, A good book and flower might not be that trendy, fashionable but it could help the person discover and fulfill his/her purpose on planet earth.

Love and sacrifice are inseparable but it doesn’t mean you should borrow or deplete your savings to trip someone you aren’t married to, there’s no guarantee you guys will see out the next month together. Genuine Lovers are as scarce as diamonds.

Congratulations to all Virgins (above 18years) for not allowing the word CHASTITY to die in our generation. God bless y’all. Believe me, you’ll be foolish and ignorant to handover your virginity to someone you’re not married to under any guise. TRUE LOVE WAITS –

For those of us that are Partner-less, Lover-less, etc there’s no point rushing into something you aren’t sure of( just because you want to feel among or because you don’t want to be lonely) except you’re planning to die before next valentine. Valentine is also about showing yourself and the less-privilege in the society Love.

All the young men/women planning to feast on people’s spouses this valentine, Nemesis/Karma will surely catch up with you in the future. You can’t escape. You better refrain now.

Pre-Marital sex, Marital Infidelity is Un-biblical and morally wrong. It should be abhorred.
Abstinence and Marital Fidelity remains the safest way to prevent HIV/AIDS, STDs according to medical experts.

Ritual Killers, Rapists, Armed Robbers, Kidnappers and all manner of Evil-Minded folks will be out to catch their new preys because it’s always easier in seasons like this.
Please don’t allow Greed, Alcohol, INDECENT DRESSING etc make you fall a Victim. You’re of immense Value to God, Me, Your Family and Friends etc.

The Word CONTENTMENT has saved many Lives.

Have Fulfilling Valentine!!

God Bless!!


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