Thinking Aloud: What a Great Loss…!

How would one expect them to believe that their beloved son died in a bid to join a secret cult? How will his close friends, who should have been there for him, prove their innocence…? Are they innocent at all?  If actually he was involved in that initiation…Oh!

What a Decision of Destruction! It beats my Imagination and beclouds my Intuition! I keep thinking, wondering and asking: What could he have gained by treading the path of unnecessary pain?! Is this not a case of Negativity of Brevity or rather Naivety in the midst of Vanity…! Just like that he died chasing vain-unpopular fame! If actually…He Had Chosen His Own Course. What a Great Loss! Who are we to judge…!

Hello beautiful people, we are pleased to inform you that the engaging column: Thinking Aloud which debuted last week Wednesday, February 14, has been slated as a mid-week column on From now onwards, it will hopefully be featuring on every Wednesday of the week. As the name implies, it promises to engage our esteemed and valued readers as they reflect on the day to day issues of life; be it societal issues, socio-political, economic, or cultural issues. It also welcomes meaningful write-ups; poetic expressions and critics in these areas.

In this edition which is rather a Sober Reflection, the gory tale of late Obinna O. Awa takes the front burner. The late Obinna who was to turn 21 come May 7 this year was a 400 level Law student of Abia State University. According to his father, the last time they saw him was on 22nd January this year – which eventually became the last day of his youthful life! As the gory story would have it, Obinna embarked on an ‘initiation journey’ into one of the secrets cults on the campus. The journey eventfully turned deadly as he came back a ‘walking corpse’. He was so weak to the extent that some of the cult members wanted to take him to hospital but their ‘Capone’ did not approve of that. Instead, they gave him glucose, took him inside – locked the room and increased the volume on music set to prevent the horrific sound of his heavy breathing from reaching outside. When he later died, they took him and buried him in a two feet grave in a nearby bush. It was after more than two weeks that his two close friends – also members of the cult group, who initially claimed to be unaware of his where about, opened up to the parents; led the police to the site of the improvised grave where the corpse was exhumed. What a tale of horror!

Could that young man; a prospective ‘learned gentle man’ have died just like that in the hands of the people that were suppose to give him the so-called protection. What a harsh and dreamy irony! They should have taken the bold step by taking him to hospital, let it be that he died in the hospital at least! If not for anything, it would have saved the parents the horrific stress of exhuming the decaying corpse of their son! What a wicked world! It is obvious they wanted to avoid the police. They should have known better – take full responsibility of their action. Now, 25 of them are cooling off in the same police net. What of those people, maybe neighbors who saw from a vintage point even as he was led from the bush back to the lodge – hostel by those guys, that he was very weak; breathing like hell and needed help could not or did not do anything; maybe raise alarm quietly…?

Incidence like this one reveals bad police-public relations, poor security system, backwardness in terms of emergency-distress calls and response, and general poor social organization. If it was in other climes, someone would make a SOS call, ‘it seems like a young man needs help here…’ In our own case, who will call, and if any does, what kind of response will be gotten? Citizens will muse: …Even if they (Police) respond, they may somehow rope-in the caller into their nasty investigations. Some may say we are always fast to compare out situation with foreign ones. The fact is that, we have what it takes – financial, human… resources to set up structures that will respond and save certain situation – make life meaningful…

Now, Obinna’s parents are strongly accusing his close friends – also members of the cult – of killing their son. Would one blame them for that? How well did they know their son…? How would they believe their beloved son who was to step into his father shoes in the bar as a lawyer died in a bid to join a secret cult, not as a fresher but a 400 level student…? As if these questions will bring him back to life! What a Great Loss…!

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