OriginalityThe coinage ‘gosposecular’ came across as Catholic. In a bid to enjoy patronage from the church and club going folks, he deftly came up with his own genre of music. So he sang in church and in clubs, whichever that beckoned.

My friend complained he lacked support from his church where he had vented his energy singing. He loved music and he needed to have his voice heard. He didn’t want to lose the patronage of his fans outside the church who gave him a sounding platform.

At times, I feel the values I hold ideal for my life are perpendicular to the business principles and strategies I was taught in business school and also what I have experienced. I was taught that one designs products from the view point of the consuming customer. “Do what sells. Give it to them the way they want and relish it,” became my living business chanting mantra. Inadvertently, hat has driven many talents down the path of imminent obscurity.

“Sex sells, so sing sexy.” “Bling bling sells, so sing blingy.”

In a bid to pander to this apostolic teaching of business apologists, artistes lose their originality. A writer is at peace with the strings in his soul and he pens them likewise. Any deflection from that rhythm will cause disharmony in the fluidity of his or her writings. At the risk of sounding non-commonplace, many of our artistes sing songs thick with lewd vocals, repeat lyrics usually bothering on sexual romps, use loud instrumentals that disturb the ear drums.

Climb to the mountain tops, dive to the depths of the ocean floor, nothing beats originality. Nigeria’s Asa veered off the usual humdrum and has her original composure in all her songs. Not being my greatest fan or worthy of acceptance as my role model, Fela Kuti typifies this obsession for originality, not for his antics, but for his afro beat music never heard before his appearance on the music scene.

God blessed us with a diversity of gifts. In our quest to conform so as to be accepted by the society, we lock the world in a cupboard and prevent it from enjoying the uniqueness of our gifting. The varieties of things on earth are for a reason. Imagine eating the same type of soup every day. For sure, it will be boring. Everybody can’t sing bling blingy and sexy no matter how the pundits harp it.

Unleash your originality!

Emeka Nobis


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