Chinonso Writes!: Phina: “I Don’t Love Money. But I Love Making It.”

Shooting the breeze with friends is one of my hobbies. Well, oftentimes, for me, it eventually turns out to be a strong avenue for wisdom. Few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting with a lovely friend, Phina, I made during my national service year in Cross River State, Nigeria. It was a fantastic reunion for both of us, and we relished every second.

Soon after her year of service, she had gone ahead to kick-start her own dream business. I was fascinated by her contagious passion, business savvy, and her strong desire to make money. As she let me in on her business and money-making plans, I jokingly uttered the statement: “Wow!  I can see you love money.” No sooner had I finished my statement than Phina looked at me straight in the eyes and replied, “I don’t love money. But I love making it.” Frankly, up until now, I haven’t recovered from the wisdom in her response. Thanks Phina; you’re a rare gem!

Looking at Phina’s inestimable response, you’ll observe that she dropped a powerful principle known as ‘The Principle of Process,’ that’s critical to life’s journey. Certainly, it’s a powerful principle that can be paraphrased as follows: “It is the process that holds beauty.” Unfortunately, this principle has eluded a lot of us simply because we’ve allowed our minds to be clouded by our ends. Many of us are too focused on our dreams that we ignore the beauty of the process of birthing these dreams. Rather than learn and enjoy the journey, some groan, worry, get impatient, or become frustrated by their urge to just arrive at their destinations. While for others, they jump the line and move to patronize short-cuts, just to get to their destinations. If any of these describe you (or anyone you may know), then please don’t skip reading the next paragraph.

Of course, to attain success is gratifying. To set huge goals and achieve them is something I know you really revere. But then it is very essential that you understand that the process to attaining your goals holds great wisdom and beauty that you shouldn’t ignore, skip, or treat with levity. I mean, it’s ‘process’ that helps you to build the right internal capacity for attraction, retention, and expansion in life. So just like my friend, Phina, let your focus be on learning and enjoying the process to attaining your dreams. When you hold such mindset, the truth is that every experience that you go through becomes an invaluable resource in creating your own success. Even when things seem rather slow or not working for you, with the process mindset, you can look at your process and extract a great gem from it. The truth is that the journey to success isn’t easy peasy. It is indeed hard. But don’t allow that or success itself to steal or blur the beauty that lies within the journey. “The beauty of a man’s success lies in his story,” once said a wise man. And I agree with him, and I know you do too. Hence, go ahead and love, treasure, and learn from your process. You will be glad that you did.

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