BIZ_2Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday, today we’d be talking about Dress Sense for work.

A lot of us were not given any formal training on what is acceptable for work, we generally just have the assumption that work outfit is a suit. But there are 3 dress levels choices that an organization can choose from;

Business Formal, Business Smart, or the Business Casual.

The Business Smart is what most organizations adopt because it’s more interesting than the Business Formal, which is what most bankers adopt. But the basic rule for all work outfits is that the attire should be clean, unwrinkled, fit, colour and accessories should be right.

Colour and fit is one area most of us get it wrong, because in this day of “colour blocking”, there is that assumption that very bright colours work in the workplace. You don’t want to visit a prospect to tell him about what you do and all he remembers when you leave is the beautiful red blouse you wore instead of the benefits of your products/ services to him. You also don’t want to carry-out a presentation for a group of prospects, and all they remember afterwards is the very tight skirt you wore that didn’t let you bend properly, or the excessively bold earrings you wore alongside.

What we wear is meant to project who we are. So the basic rule for dressing for work is asking yourself if the entire outfit reflects the person you want to be seen as. Also, ensure that no part of the outfit is a distraction to your colleagues, clients or even prospects, that is why modesty should be used when dressing up for work, even up to make-up.

So when you’re dressing up for work in the following week, ensure that your outfit portrays you as a competent, professional, trustworthy person.


Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

In Style,

Esther Nweje

(Image Consultant)

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