If you didn’t decipher the above first idiom, I will explain–—but first, let me anchor it in this very short story. Few months ago, my family engaged the services of some building contractors to help us erect a building at our home town. The entire building process started and ended satisfactorily, except for one particular task: the roofing.

Unfortunately, the guy contracted to do the roofing ended up doing a shambolic, shoddy, inept piece of job. In other words, what was done wasn’t on a par with what was expected. That is, between the two, ‘the expected’ topped the charts. Talk about a bull in a china shop! Now, back to explaining the above first idiom, as pledged. Actually, when you say that someone is a ‘bull in a china shop,’ what it means is that, ‘such a person is clumsy or shows inept in delivering the right results.’ Hence, without sounding sententious, it’s easy to infer that that roofer was a bull in a china shop. But interestingly, he isn’t the only ‘bull’ in that same ‘shop’. There are several others like him headlined in different, wide-spread endeavours in that same ‘shop’.

But before you and I hurriedly exclude ourselves from the list, let’s chew over the next paragraphs.

“Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well,” is a powerful axiom that holds the key to life’s greatness and fulfillment. Those who live out this truth are always committed to delivering excellent results in what they do. They’re not contented with just playing the game; they’re out to win. And winning for them is defined by the parameter of excellence that they put in and draw out from their assignments. Although it’s often hard and unpopular, this crop of people goes the extra-mile to deliver excellent results and they strive to make such virtue their personas. Give them a job to do and you’re sure that they will stay awake just to provide you with the Wow! experience. They deploy their gifts in bringing real, excellence-driven solutions to the problems of others; and, truly, for them, it doesn’t matter the size or composition or profile of these ‘others.’ Are you one of such persons? Well, if you answer in the affirmative, then that brings me to the next question: How often have you truly subjected your claim to real-life tests?

Listen to this friend; it’s indisputable that true success comes to and remains with those who deliver excellent results in their assignments. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, artisan, politician, sportsperson, clergy, student, parent, et cetera, the principle is generic. When you’re committed and consistent in delivering excellent results in whatever you do, the world will move to deliver to you its bounteous treasures. (Caveat: Please, don’t expect it to work for you the other way round.) Now, this is the trick. Whatever you’ve been called to do, always ensure you pour your spirit, mind, passion, faith, integrity, diligence, and loyalty into delivering the best results. Of course, it’s usually difficult to travel this narrow, lonely path. But trust me, that’s the only sure path that great men and women travel through on their way to greatness. Therefore, this is a clarion call for you to rise up and always shine the light of excellence for the world to see. I beg you, don’t be a bull in a china shop!

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