Chinonso Writes!: That Afternoon, I Felt Like A Chicken! But Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

chicken_crossing_roadIf you don’t mind, let me unhesitatingly usher in today’s piece by dropping the following prelude. When I was nine years old, precisely in my first year in secondary school, I almost died! Apparently, you wouldn’t be reading this piece if I did—but I didn’t, many thanks to the ‘almost’ that arrived first.

It was a sunny afternoon, and my elder sister and I were en route to the house after a hectic day at school. The scorching degree of the afternoon sun didn’t only engender torrent of perspiration on our tired faces, but it left us with the hungry craving for mum’s cooking dexterity to boot. Well, as for me, the idea of savouring every mouthful of her dish clouded my mind and then, somehow, blurred my sight. Consequently, just as I was about to cross the road to the other side—the side that led to our house, sorry, mum’s zone—I got knocked down by a ferocious, fast-moving motor cycle! Immediately, my elder sister started screaming and crying and calling for help from passersby. At that point, I lay on the ground like a chicken overpowered by a hungry slaughterer. She thought I was dead—and I thought so too. To cut a long story short, I didn’t die—I survived!

Now, with the above paragraph in mind, I will like to introduce to you a popular riddle written around 1847 that you may have heard and come across. The riddle goes thus:

Riddle: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

                                    Answer: “To get to the other side.”

The above riddle carries a hidden but powerful wisdom about life that many humans don’t see or have refused to see. However, if we juxtapose the riddle with my story above, the wisdom inherent as it relates to life becomes obvious. However, let me still simplify the obvious. That chicken in the riddle and me had a common goal: to get to the other side. But for us to get to the other side, we had to cross the road. In other words, crossing the road was a precursor to us getting to the other side.

Okay, if you haven’t seen the wisdom yet, then I suggest you take a pause and reread from the beginning. But if you have, then you just earned yourself a permit to read the next paragraph.

We humans are goal-seeking organisms. And it’s quite obvious that we all desire something better for our lives, careers, academics, ministries, businesses, just to mention but a few. I mean, we all want to move our lives to the other side called true success. Yet the truth still remains that for us to get to this other side, we must learn how to cross the road of risks. Unfortunately, many of us admire the beauty of the other side, but we find it rather hard to cross the road of risks for fear of being knocked down by failure. Many of us are currently operating less than our true potentials just because we’re afraid of taking the risks that would push us to another level. Many of us have docked by the harbour of mediocrity or safety simply because we’re risk averse to birthing our great dreams. Well, if any of the above dispositions mirrors you, then now is the time for you to begin to act like the chicken.

Listen friend, you can’t erase risks from life. As a matter of fact, risks make the journey of life really exciting and adventurous. And since your desire is to maximize your potentials and move your life to the top, then you must be ready to take the risks involved. Of course, risk-taking isn’t as easy as pie (just like my road crossing that afternoon, it does come with some pains), but we all need it to attain true success. Hence, just like the chicken in the above riddle, if your dream is to get to the other side, then go ahead and cross the road (wisely).

Chinonso Ogbogu is a business trainer, success coach, highly sought-after motivational speaker, gifted writer, adept blogger, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of popular radio programme known as SuccessMatters™, and the owner of He is the author of the powerful book known as ‘THE VOICES’. Follow him on Facebook: or twitter on: @chinonsowrites

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