Chinonso Writes!: Question Time: Why Do We Struggle Over Junks, When The Meat Beckons?

Reading the above title, you may have been bamboozled by the words ensuing the colon and the connotation that they hold. If yes or no, then just disregard them and turn your attention to the two words preceding the colon. Life is an evolving space that’s fundamentally denominated by questions. Pushing your life to true essence isn’t necessarily about having all the answers; but it’s about your willingness to seek and value questions.

Questions usher you deeper into weighty truths and they create true meaning on the subject or object that they act upon or are drawn from. Unfortunately, many of us (about 80% actually) have continually suppressed the clout of questions—questions that are age-old and that give true essence to our existence and nirvana to our eventual departure.

Hence, unlike the usual, today I will like to take you through a brief QUESTION TIME. In other words, I will be asking you some critical questions; but then I don’t necessarily want you to provide me with answers. Rather, I will like you to adopt the questions as torchlights to providing true illumination to your current modus vivendi. Okay, with that serving as the ground rule, here are the questions:

1.Why did you show up on planet earth is the first place?

2.What positive values do you say your life bears, and are you really true to them the right way?

3.What are you really passionate about in life, and are you really true to your passion the right way?

4.What does success really mean to you, and why do you think your perception towards it is actually the right one?

5.Looking deep into your life, why do you truly seek success, and why did you arrive at that WHY?

6.Deep down inside you, are you truly fulfilled with your life? If no, when and how do you move to attain that true fulfillment?

7.How many lives can you categorically say you have positively impacted on? And can these lives truly substantiate your choice of them?

8.What do you want to be remembered for when your game is over, and why do you want to be remembered that way?

9.Does your present life align positively with whatever idea your QUESTION 8 brings, and what areas do you think require changes and improvement?

10.If you were asked to write your Life Report that would be read on Judgment Day, what would you like to have in the content of that report, and does your present life substantiate that choice?

At your own time, I will like you to weigh up the above telling questions. The truth is that, beyond the surface, these powerful questions will help trigger great insights that provide you with a new awakening to living aright. Look, there is more to life than you may currently be experiencing at the moment. But if you allow the illumination that the above ten questions create to rest on your life’s journey, I’m sure you’ll push away from life’s junks and then proceed towards embracing the meat—the meat that we all have been called to pay heed to and warmly enjoy. So what are you still waiting for?!

NB: I just hope this piece made sense.

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