Chinonso Writes!: Talk About Preposterousness: Hankering After Done Beans Without H2O!

“Chinonso, why are your titles usually weird?” a comely friend of mine once asked me. Of course, reading the above title further reinforces the need for me to provide an answer to that intelligent question. Okay, now this is my answer: Being weird creates attention, and Chinonso loves attention. Oh crumbs! Even my answer is weird, isn’t it? Well, who cares—I just need your attention, that’s all. So thanks for providing it, and I promise to keep it fittingly. (Chinonso pledges)

Having said that, I will like to reveal to you something preposterous that took place when I was a lad. I am doing this not just to have you rolling in the aisles, but to use it as an apt prologue of the heart of today’s piece. That afternoon, after school, I was so hungry and my mind was keenly focused on devouring whatever mum had prepared. Unfortunately, when I got home that afternoon, I was quite disappointed to realize that mum had been so busy; hence she couldn’t prepare any meal beforehand. “Ooo… mummy, I am so hungry,” I said grouchily. “Okay, son, please go to the kitchen. You will see some beans and ingredients in the cupboard.” mum said. “Bring them out; I am coming to prepare them in few minutes.” I did as she had instructed and then I did more: I decided to prepare the beans myself, since my hunger was mounting! I lit the stove, brought out the beans, pour them into the cooking pot, added all the ingredients, and then placed the cooking pot on the stove. Trust me, I was gratified. Phew, within fifteen minutes, the beans were ready, so I ran to acquaint my Mum with the breaking news. “Mummy, the beans don done,” I gladly said in pidgin English. “What! Which beans?” Mum retorted. “The one way u say dey for inside carboard for kichin,” I replied. Ignoring my naïve response, my mum rushed to the kitchen and discovered that the entire beans and ingredients had been charred. Why? I prepared the beans without using water!

The whipping I got that very afternoon, somehow, succeeded in putting paid to my prevailing hunger and then stamped needed wisdom to my life’s journey.

Apparently, because I wanted to hurriedly prepare the beans and address my state of hunger, I decided to settle for shortcut, thereby ruining things and inflicting pains on myself. Just like my flawed decision, many of us in life have fallen and are still falling victim to the shortcut syndrome. A large proportion of us have great aspirations, yet we allow our craving shortcuts to rob us off the true beauty that these aspirations carry. “I want it, and I want it pronto!” is now the mantra that many of us—I mean, youths and adults, as well as children—have silently patterned our lives after. Our youths want to succeed now, so they proceed towards patronizing shortcuts; our adults accuse the youths of patronizing shortcuts, and then they turn around and do likewise; and our children admire these adults and then they want to be like them. Yet, while this cycle of errors persists, we inflict more pains on ourselves and the system that houses us. But rather than call ourselves to order, we keep on rolling in the mud. Talk about preposterousness!

Listen friend, I know you carry great aspirations. I also know that you want to give birth to those aspirations before you depart this space. However, let me say that attaining your aspirations and being fulfilled therefrom requires that you adopt the rest means. True success takes time and it’s a factor to your attitude about adopting the right means. Sure, shortcuts may get you the result fast, but I assure you that it’s only temporal and superficial. If you desire true success, you need grit, persistence, and depth; unfortunately, shortcuts don’t have those virtues in their catalogue. The truth is that some life’s circumstances will tempt you into embracing shortcuts. But the good news is that you’ve the power to overcome such temptation and press towards your dreams. Unlike my culinary error, don’t skip adding water to your life’s beans just because you’re in a hurry to eat your meal now. Instead, cook am with enough water and your beans go done!

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