Greetings all, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday, today we’d be talking about ACCESSORIES.

Accessories are very key in building an intelligent wardrobe, as they enhance your wardrobe, personalize it, and help you look rich on a budget. Accessories are even more valuable today when it seems like all the Fashion Retail Outlets are selling the same things, you buy a dress assuming that’s there’s not much of that design and color on sale, but on your way home you find like 5 different persons wearing the exact same thing, it’s an experience that I’ve had a couple of times.

So how do you look different when it seems like everyone in the city has the same outfit? The answer is accessorize, it would totally change the appearance of your piece.

Basic accessories includes;

  • •Bags
  • •Belts
  • •Brooches
  • •Cocktail rings
  • •Necklaces
  • •Earrings
  • •Shoes
  • •Scarves
  • •Cufflinks
  • •Watches






Accessories are the all-encompassing tools that allow you stand out.  Accessorizing is the simple and complex answer to all your style dilemmas. Imagine what a scarf can do to a plain dress or simple pearl neck piece. Use accessories to create styles that are individual and up to the minute. Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead.


Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

Esther N.


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