How Could She Just Drop Dead?!

As the story goes: She just returned from a US trip… complained of severe headache and was pronounced dead at the hospital where she was rushed to…!

It seems rather unbelievable to refer to her in the past tense…! Susan Filani-Goldie Harvey, a young lady that was full of life and had successfully carved a niche for herself in the creative-music industry. The fact that she traveled all the way to the US just to witness the Grammy Awards ceremony speaks volume of the height she had reached in her career! She flew the flag of Kennis Music high…! The 31 years old from Ekiti state Nigeria, was indeed a good entertainer- with fans all over the world. Even the last edition of Big Brother Africa which she was one of the house mates attested to how lively she was…! Now stories are making rounds; attributing the cause of her death to this and that.   

Even though it may not really be the case with Goldie, this manner of untimely death raises the issue of health-seeking behaviour which cannot be said to be very good among Nigerians. Most times, most people resort to self medication instead of seeking proper medical attention. A health situation that would have been nipped in the bud deteriorates; sometimes leads to death! That time, some people will be fast to say it is not an ‘ordinary death’… One does not need a soothsayer to tell him the need and importance of periodic medical examination. Its frequency ordinarily varies with ones age; from younger, young… middle and old age- and increases as one progessively moves from one age bracket to another.

Talking about health-seeking attitude; behaviour in Nigeria, it would not be out of place if one says it boils down to our general standard of living. High cost of living-even healthcare, translates to low standard of living and low life expectancy. Governments at various levels most show strong political will towards welfare of citizenry. Healthcare delivery should not be left in the ‘invisible hands of demand and supply’ with profit as a defining factor. We as individuals must set our prioriorities right, review our lifestyles-habits…; most of us take body exercise for granted. Our health receives the least of attention in our scale of preference; even a health situation that is not yet alarming becomes an opportunity cost-forgone alternative… until it becomes alarming!

Let us imbibe a very good health seeking behaviour and also stay away from substances that puts our health in great danger; ‘Health They Say Is Wealth’!


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