color_block_5We all know that great fashion statements are for bold hearts, the question is, how bold can you get?

The trend now is experimenting with colors, and here is something you should know. When you choose your colors

carefully, you could boost your health, mood, and love life along with your steez.

color_block_4WEAR ROYAL BLUE: And protect your skin from sun

damage, as research shows it absorbs UV rays, so fewer

hit your skin.

WEAR BRIGHT BLUE:  Stick to your diet, it’s a known appetite suppressant.

WEAR BABY PINK: As angelic and calm like the face of

a new born, so does it calm people who look at it.

WEAR ORANGE: Researchers at the University of

Missouri say wearing a bright color as orange is a sure

way to lift a blue mood.

WEAR RED: To feel super confident. Go red as it is also an intimidating color.

WEAR GREEN: It is comfortable and gives a serene feeling and calm mood just the way you feel when in a beautiful lush garden.

WEAR PURPLE: It signifies royalty and virtue. We all love being treated like princes and princesses.

Color blocking is the trend; it can be done in your make over, clothes3

even in our living rooms and bedrooms, to give it a warm and welcoming

What are we waiting for? Let’s start experimenting guys!


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