Using dye to update your clothes can be a great way to change the look of something you rarely wear, something stained, or something that’s not quite the color you had hoped for. Depending on what color you want and which route you want to take, it can be a very quick and easy process.skirt

Let’s admit that sometimes we had wished a particular cloth of ours came in a different color we desire.
But before doing the dye thing, some factors are considered, because dye does not  adhere to  all textile materials and again you have to go for better quality dye.
The reason is because dying your clothes is a chemical reaction, and the color molecules attach better to “real” fabrics, like cotton, instead of synthetics like polyester.
Nevertheless, it’s totally possible to dye polyester, but it won’t be as deep of a color as cotton, and it’s a little harder to do.

dye_11. Identify the item(s) of clothing you want to dye.

2. Decide what color(s), and get the dye needed for those color.

3. Decide if you’re using your washing machine (super easy), bathtub (don’t do it), or plastic tub (like a big wash basin).

4. This is the fun part- prep your clothes. Make sure there isn’t anything in the pockets and they are unbuttoned. Then, submerge them in water. the clothing needs to be wet to begin with

5. Prepare your dye bath. Use the HOTTEST water possible that is still safe for the fabric dye_2and  Use just enough water to cover your garment. If you use too much, it will dilute the dye.

6. Pour the dye in with the water, but DON’T add your clothing yet. You want to let the water fill in before you do.

7. Add your clothes! (they should still be wet from step 4).

dye_38. Reset the wash cycle so it takes about 30 minutes. If you’re not using a washing machine and instead using a basin or tub, you need to constantly stir your clothing for 30 minutes. So, invest in a stick or something (don’t use your bare hands, wear gloves! They will stain!).
9. Once the wash cycle is done, set it to rinse one more time. Then, wash the clothing in a normal cycle with a bar soap  and dry as normal.
NOTE :some detergents make clothes bleed.

10. You need to “wash” one more cycle through your washing machine, even though nothing is there. It’s recommenced to use a cup of bleach and the hottest water possible to get any remaining dye out.


Yaay!  Now you’ve dyed your clothes! (Be careful washing them in the future, it’s possible for the color to bleed!)

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