Joe Pagatanga: Stunning Designs for Fashion Lovers!

We promised to bring you a wide range of information on events and happenings in and around the south-south region. We are committed to keeping our promise. This time around we are featuring a young man by name Joe Pagatanga, an amazing lover of fashion who has gone ahead to harness his innate creative abilities and has acquired other requisite skills to start a couture outfit named after himself – Joe Pagatanga.

JOE PAGATANGA is an award winning lifestyle-driven brand for the urban family. By embracing the finest standards of bespoke creativity and quality, JOE PAGATANGA designs are emblematic of untamed luxury and every quality that defines an urban family.

The bespoke tailored designs of JOE PAGATANGA are characterized by classic inspirations that are modern and simply unique.


Ayibatonye Joe Pagatanga’s allure to fashion was innate. As an undergraduate he started out by fashioning his own finely sketched bespoke pieces for himself, friends and a small client network. Today however, he has struck out to establishing the JOE PAGATANGA label; an amplification of his long-time fascination of luxuriant and classic fashion.

In 2011 he was awarded the prestigious ‘FASHION DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARD’ at the BAYELSA FASHION WEEK 2011 by the BAYELSA STATE GOVERNMENT.

Okay! This is the part we can’t just wait to unveil to you! We can’t find the best of words to properly describe the uniqueness and beauty of what the Joe Pagatanga brand has to offer.  Let the photos speak for themselves

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Meet the Man Behind it All Joe Pagatanga

You can reach Joe Pagatanga via:


Mobiles: 08039386667, 08175128529, 08121016149

BB PIN: 2393C6E5



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