dress_downWelcome peeps to the newest most interesting column in Southern Brands titled FASHION FRIDAY!

I am Esther Nweje, an Image Consultant of Zinny Styles Limited, an Image Consulting firm, and I’d be the columnist for Fashion Friday. Am sure you’d not just find this column interesting, you’d find it educating and totally fun. Fashion Friday is about Style, Fashion, Image, and lots more.

Today we’d be talking about the generally known DRESS DOWN DAY-Friday!

What’s your take on the Dress-Down Day?  While you’re still thinking, let me share my opinion about the dress down day.

Friday as a dress down day has made a lot of people not take work on that day seriously. In my place of work, we don’t practise the Dress Down because we are particular about the Image of the company, and the perceptions our staff create in the minds of our clients/prospects every single day because we know that impressions are created every single day, and we make sure that they are the right impressions.

The Dress Down Day isn’t a bad thing, it’s a day when people just relax from the serious corporate look of the entire week, but my major issue with the dress down day is that people come to work with a “dressed down mindset”, that is why customer service is generally poor on Fridays, grooming is mostly over looked on Fridays, because to a lot of people, it’s the weekend already and they can’t really wait to get off work, forgetting that the impressions created on a dress down day is not taken less important than the impression created on every other day, because one poor customer service or experience can make the company lose that business irrespective of whether it’s a Friday or not.

I strongly believe that the Dress-Down Day would totally work if people wear that t-shirt and jeans with impeccable grooming, and deliver excellent customer service, irrespective of being “dressed down”. I think we can also start by changing the name from “dressed down” to something more interesting…lol….

Now, enough of my sermon about the dress down day. What I’ve been trying to say is that when you wear that Smart Casual today, ensure that you look professional, properly groomed, and ready to deliver your BEST at work because every day is important and every day counts…..

In Style,

Esther N.

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