styleHello beautiful people, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday. Today we’d be talking about Style and You. This is basically about your STYLE PERSONALITY, what kind of person you are and how you can project that person better through your styling.

There are five Style Personalities and we all have a primary Style Personality and a Secondary Style Personality.

The Style Personalities include;

Natural:  Individuals with a Natural Style Expression are relatively laid-back in their style and easily look “under-dressed”. They prefer comfort and plain designs in natural fabrics, little or no make-up, very minimal accessories, and always keep colours very natural and subtle.

Classic:  Individuals with a Classic Style Expression avoid extremes and love balance. Style, quality and fit is very important to them and they prefer timeless pieces they can wear irrespective of the fashion season. Classic individuals are elegant, well groomed, with a very polished look. Make-up, accessories, and designs are always well coordinated.

Romantic: Individuals with a Romantic Style Expression can be described as delicate and soft. They love details like interesting pockets, prints, etc. They enjoy clothing in softer fabrics with flow in lines. Hair is normally longer styles with soft waves and curls, small and elegant accessories with interesting details. Loves colour, delicate pastels, soft feminine combination, and well blended make-up with attention to detail.

Dramatic: Individuals with a Dramatic Style Expression use accessories to ensure they are noticed and make a statement. They love bold striking designs, strong colour combinations, lots of jewellery, scarves in interesting colours, shoes in latest designs, mostly high heels. Lots of make-up used to make a statement as well.

Creative: Individuals with a Creative Style Expression hate to imitate people or fashion, enjoy freedom of expression in their choice of clothing and colour combinations. They create combinations with whatever they can find, they can be “dressed up” one day, and be totally “under dressed” the other day. They enjoy variety in everything including hairstyles, makeup and accessories.

That is just a summary of all the Style Personalities, but I’m sure you can guess what Style Personality you are. The point is not to change who you are, but to project that person through your styling, choice of clothing, make-up and accessories.

Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

In Style,

Esther N.

Twitter: @estherweje

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