image_category_Personal_GroomingHello everyone, trust you’ve had a productive week so far. Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday, our topic for today is PERSONAL GROOMING. What does it mean, and how important is it?

Grooming is concerned with the seemingly irrelevant details that make up one’s appearance. And most often than not, they are over-looked because we assume it doesn’t matter, but the truth is that it does matter, a lot. Details of a personal appearance contribute strongly to the total effect of one’s personal image. It is important to pay attention to general grooming.

Have you ever seen a young beautiful lady or guy dressed in a lovely outfit with the right color combination,& good carriage and from a distance, you really wanted to meet this person, you wished you looked like him/her, and an opportunity showed up for you to get to meet this person one-on-one, this time close-up.  And at the first close-up meeting, you notice this person has a strong body odor, a bad breathe, the outfit had some loose seams that should have been sewn, and hair is not really in place; you could also see some stains on the outfit. Tell me, what would you think of that person after that encounter? Am thinking what you’re thinking…lol

A groomed person is always polished and presentable, with impeccable grooming, and that involves taking regular baths, using roll-ons to avoid body odors,  proper brushing of one’s teeth, use of mouth sprays or mint sweets during the course of the day to avoid stale breath, ironing one’s outfit, sewing any loose seams, ensuring there’re no stains on outfit, having properly cut nails either well coated or not coated at all, good skin care, using foot sprays to avoid any foot odors, and so much more. You can see from the list that it involves some attention to yourself and every little detail that makes up your appearance.

This is so important because you don’t want to meet someone and they are uncomfortable being around you, they are barely tolerating the meeting because of poor grooming. No one should meet you and be disappointed; instead they should be impressed and excited to introduce you to people in their network.

In summary, when you take time out to take care of yourself, people assume that you take yourself seriously (because you do), and they would take you seriously in return.

Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

In Style,

Esther N.


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