Hello beautiful people, am sure you all enjoyed your Easter holiday, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday. I have a short story to share with you. During the holiday, a friend of mine went shopping for some events she wanted to attend and came back with a million complaints and regrets about the things she bought. She wondered what came over here to make the choices she made, & she wished she never went shopping at all. It’s an experience I’ve had sometime in the past, and I know we’ve all had it one time or the other.

So today we’d be talking about how to SHOP RIGHT, the basics things you need to know when shopping that would help you get the very best from your time and money spent, and they include;

-Avoid Impulse buying, always make a proper plan for shopping based on what is already existing in your wardrobe.

-Do not be on a hurry, choose the best time of the day to shop, which is in the morning, because at that time the shop attendant would be strong enough to show you all the available options for what you want, which is much better than going late in the evening when she/he must have been worn out.

-Purchase more of “basics” and “classics” pieces

-Buy items that complete the already existing pieces in your wardrobe

-Use the rule of three; only buy an item if you can wear it in three other garments.

Shopping this way, would help you save money, save time, and you would be more fulfilled afterwards that you made a good investment of your resources. Am sure you’ve learnt something valuable today, so when next you drive through a street and see something you like on a mannequin, don’t buy in a hurry, ensure that it completes a piece in your wardrobe.

Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

Esther N.

Twitter: @estherweje

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