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It is common knowledge in the business world that ‘the customer is king’, and though there are quite a number of reasons why this is so, every business owner and organization seem to agree on one reason – the customer is king because they are the reason why they are in business. But many business owners and organizations seem to have an understanding of why they are in business from the profit-making perspective alone. However, the profitability of a business venture isn’t dependent on just the one-off sales made but the continuous sales it makes by paying good attention to the channel through which profit is made – the customer. To ensure that your business keeps running profitably,

you need to understand why the customer is king beyond the profit-making perspective. You must pay attention to the quality of service being delivered to the customer. Have you ever wondered why some businesses that fared very well suddenly went down within few years of operation? Perhaps, one reason could be that they lacked proper understanding of why the customer is king. There are many other businesses that are yet to know of what, at Mapemond, we call The Three Customer Personality types – Mavens, Connectors, and Sales Persons {Captions adapted from Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Tipping Point’}

The Three customer personality types


Price Vigilante: A maven is someone who is always aware of the prices of various goods and services in his area(s) of operation. He is someone who will readily give you information on where to get exactly what you want at the best affordable price. He knows it when there’s a price slash in flight fares. He figures out the tricks organisations play during their supposed promos. A maven has the instincts for the prices and availability of a wide range of goods and services across his city of residence & operation.

Credible/Reputable: A maven is someone you can take for his word. Most times, his information is always timely and accurate.

Keen observation: He takes note of how long it took the waitress to attend to the people in his front before getting to him and how long she spent with him. He notices how long it took before the table at a restaurant was cleared after the customer had left. He observes everything in your business environment from how neat the environment is, to how courteous the customer care attendant is, and perhaps even the bulbs that needs to be changed!

Information gatherer/disseminator: Have you ever wondered how you got to know that the food at a particular restaurant doesn’t taste delicious even when you haven’t been there personally to eat? Have you ever wondered how you got to know that things are expensive at a certain shop in town even when you haven’t been to the shop personally? That’s the work of mavens! They have the information at their finger tip and will graciously share it with anyone that comes their way.


Rich Networks: Due to their rich network, information spreads faster through them. Once they receive a negative report from just ‘one’ maven about a business organisation, or they personally had a negative experience, you can be rest assured that countless number of persons also gets to receive that information. This is how most of us get to know things about businesses and places we have not had a personal encounter with.

Influential: As a result of their large number of fans, supporters, protégés, or loyalists, they influence the minds of many to believe in their sense of judgment. This is same reason why companies use celebrities for their adverts as well as appointing celebrities as brand ambassadors. They know that celebrities have the power to influence the perception of a large number of people. They are connectors. So, imagine when just one or more connectors have a negative perception about your business. They will be indirectly and gradually running down your business – not deliberately though.

Dependable: Their friends, fans, supporters, protégés, members – for religious leaders, supporters, and loyalists, are to a large extent also dependent on information from them. If they endorse your business, good for you, but if they have negative report about your business, that’s another business killer!


Persuasive: A sales person could make you stop going to a place because of an unpleasant experience he or she had there. Have you ever ended up going somewhere you had earlier decided not to go because someone close urged you to? That’s a sales person! They can make a whole family to stop buying things from a particular shop.

Confident: based on the report they have about a business organisation, they are very confident in convincing others whether to patronize that business or not. In other words, they can either indirectly be campaigning for your business or canvassing against it depending on what feedback they’ve got from doing business with you.

Influential: Equipped with their persuasive attribute, confidence, and charisma, they most times successfully influence the perception and decisions of those in their sphere of contact.

Most of your customers fall within these three customer personality types. What impression have you been unknowingly giving to them?

These three personality types are a key reason why the customer is king. You most likely have no idea of who-is-who that does business with you – it pays to always be courteous because, it could take just a single customer that was badly treated for a business to start going down. Develop a practice of constantly improving upon your service delivery and other areas of your business.

Maple DAPPA is a Brand Development and Management Strategist. He is the Principal Consultant at Mapemond Resources, a brands and business consulting firm. You can contact him via

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