Joseph Bisong, Taking The Lead….

In 2006, a young man decided he did not want to be a part of the rat race and hence, took the bold step ahead to CREATE employment for himself, for starters.

Joseph Bisong, driven to make an honest-living, set up an interior decorating firm called Unknown Interiors, a rather small scale enterprise which began business with  only two sets of  foreign seats to show for it, no show room, a slim clientele and Hope.

Now, 6 years after that giant and risky stride was taken, UNKNOWN INTERIORS has grown in leaps and is still angling forward and for the best. It has its present showroom in the heart of Calabar municipal at #40 Ediba Road, Cross River State in Nigeria.

This business venture can now boast of:

1) Ten sets of leather/fabric seats

2) Six sets: of marble/dining tables
3) Five sets of glass/marble center
4) Tables with side stools
5) Fifteen pieces of Persian rug
6) Two family sized bedHe also has in his employ, three employees helping with the smooth running of the business.
It can therefore be said that this young man not only took a proactive step in creating a job for himself but also, gainfully employed others – in these times of recession, unemployment in droves and the abject poverty and disillusionment of the youths who go ahead to face the labour market – and of course, with the inevitable growth of his business, more unemployed youths will be employed.Asked by Southern Brands on and about the profitabilty of his business, Mr Bisong, with a humble, calm smile,  gave the present worth of Unknown Interiors to be at NGN10million.
And on the challenges faced so far in his business, the major challenges he delineated were:

1) Debtors
2) Difficulty in accessing loan facilities
3) General LogistisAfter a few amiable exchanges and whilst we rounded up our discussion/interview, there was an unmistakeable drive for excellence and focus which we rather gleaned on his face. A look that said, ” I haven’t even started!”
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P.S One of the goals of the Southern Brands project is to discover and uncover positive entrepreneurial activities and social initiatives of young people across the south-south region of Nigeria. The story of Joseph Bisong is just one among many others that will be featured as we take trips across the length and breath of the region. We believe that these stories will spur many from the teeming population of young people to spring up with ideas that will meaningfully engage them while also gradually changing the negative perception which a lot of persons have about young people of the south-south.

Let’s also seize this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our success story!

We are building a platform of knowledge, information, & networking for forward thinking & enterprising young people as well as Brands across the #South-South & beyond!

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