She is young, aspiring, and yes…cute! She is convinced and passionately driven by an Zinny_2idea which she has  formed into a business since its conception three years ago. Southern Brands had an interview with this attractive  and engaging young lady, Esther Nweje.

Please kindly introduce yourself…

My name is Esther Ezinne Nweje; I am an Image Consultant working for Zinny Styles Limited, and I am also the CEO.

What inspired or motivated you to start Zinny Styles ?

Zinny Styles started as a result of my passion to help people improve their confidence through appearance, behaviour and communications skills. My entry into this field started when I won a pageant (Miss Diamond Nigeria) in 2009, it was the maiden edition of that pageant and encouraged a lot of “freshers” in the modelling industry to try, and I tried. I only went in for the experience and fun, but surprisingly, I won. That experience gave me a lot of training and encouraged me to do a lot of self development afterwards. Not long after then, I had a lot of girls who wanted to go in for a pageant competition come to me for advice on appearance, carriage, catwalk and posture. And I watched them leave with an improved image which led to more confidence, and it made them be the best they could at whatever competition they went in for, and that gave me some kind of fulfilment and satisfaction.

One day I thought to myself, how do I convert this passion to profit? So I did some research and discovered that there was a practise called Image Consulting, and that was the answer I was looking for, and that was how Zinny Styles Limited came to be.

How did you start?

I started by doing  some research on what the industry was about; already existing companies, what I needed to effectively run an Image Consulting firm, and lots more. Then I took some certification courses for the field I was about to enter, and also did a lot of self development which has not stopped till date. Alongside all of that, I registered the company as a Limited Liability Company because I wanted it to be something that would be bigger and beyond me and it is because I have great partners who believe in the vision.  One of my first challenges was finding and choosing the right name, it began to seem impossible to find a name because it seemed like all the right names were taken, but thanks to my very good friend and partner Etinosa Omoregie who not only helped me choose the name, but supported this vision when it is was still an unclear thought in my head.

What exactly is Zinny Styles about?

Zinny Styles Limited is an Image Management and Consulting firm that believes in positive image projection for individuals, corporate bodies and government parastatals.

We understand at Zinny Styles that the corporate image of an organization communicates the organization’s vision, mission, the professionalism of its leadership, and the calibre of its employees, which builds the perception of the brand. So we help organizations train their staff on how to be great ambassadors of the brand through appearance, behaviour, communication skills, content and values. We aim to create harmony between the corporate image and the personal image of a company’s staff.

We are also committed to helping individuals build confidence through their appearance (colour, hair, make-up, clothing styles, grooming, etc), behaviour and communication skills. We assist models in improving their poise, presence, posture, and polish because we understand that how you present yourself is a reflection and an expression of your self worth.

How profitable is it?

Image Consulting is a fast growing, multi-million dollar industry. I call it “manna”; it becomes what you make of it.

How well are you doing in it?

I would say am doing very well. The company is barely a year old and has reached some heights in terms of calibre of people in our clientele base that I didn’t even think we’d reach so soon. And yes, we’re making some good money for a start-up business and for an industry that is hardly known in this part of the world.

What are the challenges?

Wow, what are the challenges????

The first challenge for my practice is ignorance. More than 50% of people around here do not know and have never even heard that there’s something like Imaging Consulting, so everytime I go out for marketing calls, I go to educate people because they don’t even know what they don’t know.

The second challenge is that I work alone, so I do everything from marketing, to follow-up, to trainings, to personal consultations, to accounting, to running and managing the business, and it gets much sometimes.

What are the future plans of Zinny Styles?

One of the future plans of Zinny Styles is to have a “Finishing School” where people can come and get trained in a wide range of areas as it concerns how they present themselves, and companies can also send members of their staff to get trained too. And of course have it in the major states in the country and gradually take it to other African countries and beyond.

For our other plans, we’ll unveil them as we progress.


A word for readers out there


My ONE WORD of advice would be STAY;

STAY with the vision especially when it seems like it’s not “working”

STAY with that one thing you’re passionate about; trusting and knowing that God will make it good, because He will, He always does.

It’s true what they say, ideas rule the world!


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