Hello Reader, I am delighted to welcome you to this week’s edition on ‘Brand Story’.  Today, we shall be looking at the story of a leading food brand in the Nigerian market and beyond – Indomie Noodles!



Indomie is a product of De-United Foods Industries Limited [DUFIL], a division of Dufil Group which is a joint venture between Tolaram Group of Singapore and Salim Group of Indonesia. Since the commencement of business in Nigeria over 17 years ago, Dufil Group has had a remarkable impact on the Nigerian Culinary Landscape.






Their product, Indomie Instant Noodles which appeals to several demographic groups (ranging from kids to teenagers and adults, especially with the latest introduction of the ‘Hungry Man Size’ pack) has grown to become a household name across the country.


As a strategy to achieve its plan for backward integration of the group, DUFIL Group created several divisions and incorporated them individually:

§DUFIL PRIMA FOODS PLC is the production plant at Choba.

§Northern Noodles Limited is the Kaduna plant.

§Insignia Print Technology LFTZ Enterprise is the division saddled with the responsibility of printing flexible packaging materials to meet DUFIL’s packaging needs.

§De United Foods Industries Limited (Seasoning Division) was started in 2008 at Ota Ogun State to handle the manufacturing of seasoning sachets.

§Pure Flour Mills Limited (Flour Division) started in 2012 at Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. This division supplies flour to Dufil Prima Foods Plc and the Pasta Division.

§Pure Flour Mills Limited (Pasta Division) started in 2012 at Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The company is manufacturing ‘Power Pasta’ brand of long spaghetti, a new product offering from DUFIL apart from Indomie instant noodle.

§Raffles Oil LFTZ Enterprise is the palm oil refinery of the group and will be ready for operations by mid 2013 at the Lagos Free Trade Zone, Lekki, Lagos.

Company’s Purpose….

To satisfy its customers by continuously offering a variety of nutritious, healthy and quality products

Organisational Value….

In their words “We believe in making the well being and satisfaction of our customers the apex of every decision. The quality of our products and the loyalty of our customers are a testimony to the above statement.”


“To be a market leader in Consumer Foods Product by providing Quality products”


“To be the Leading Food Company in Africa, committed to Consumer Delight and increasing Shareholder’s value.”

Quick Facts….

  • §Dufil Group currently has 3 factories: The first; commissioned in 1995 in Ota Ogun State, is the first instant noodles’ manufacturing plant in Nigeria and the largest in Africa at that time. The second factory; commissioned in 2001 is located in Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The third and most recent state of the art automation factory was commissioned in Kaduna on the 29th of May 2012.
  • §The company started with staff strength of about 500 but today it has over 1500.
  • §On September 9, 1970, Indomie was first launched to the market in Indonesia.
  • §In 1988 Indomie was introduced in Nigeria through import, and in 1995 open its first production factory in Nigeria under Dufil Prima Foods.
  • §In 2005, Indomie broke the Guinness Book of World Records category for “The Largest Packet of Instant Noodles”, creating a packet that was 3.4m x 2.355m x 0.47m, with a net weight of 664.938 kg, which is about 8,000 times the weight of a regular pack of instant noodles. It was made using the same ingredients as a regular pack of instant noodle and was certified fit for human consumption.
  • §Indomie won the THISDAY ‘Product of The Year’ Award for 2006, 2007, and 2008 consecutively.
  • §August 3, 2015, Indomie Green Chilli Flavor and Hungry Man Size will be sold in Ghana, Nigeria, and Puerto Rico. Interestingly, ‘Hungry Man Size’ is already on sale in Nigeria!


Come September 9, 2020, Indomie looks forward to celebrating its 50th (Golden) Anniversary!


Brand Genetics: For this edition, I just can’t resist the urge to comment on the brand genetics of the Indomie Brand as executed by DUFIL:

Leadership – Indomie was the first Noodles in Nigeria but the company never got complacent. They kept raising the bar for themselves. Today, they are the biggest competition every other noodles brand has to face especially when consumers refer to other brand of noodles as “indomie”. In other words, “indomie” has become the substitute word or term for “noodles”.

Commitment – Reading through the Vision and Mission Statements of DUFIL and their Organisational Value, we can tell that the company is a highly committed one!

Corporate Social Responsibility – DUFIL wholeheartedly embraces the culture of CSR especially when it has to do with education development. This further endears consumers to the Indomie brand emotionally and otherwise.

Consistent Advertising – Over the last couple of years, Indomie brand has become one of the most advertised brands in the Nigeria. Several Schools across the country has an Indomie Billboard in front of the school premises, several online adverts, endearing TV and Radio Jingles like ‘Mama Do Good’, Sales Point at Airports for people travelling out, Outdoor Media, Sponsorships, and many more.


And that wraps it for this week’s edition of ‘Brand Story’ and I really do hope you learnt at least one new thing or gained a new insight. See you next week, hopefully!

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