On this very fateful day, I was dressed in my Tiger-skin patterned outfit [a blouse with culottes]. As I stepped out I met a friend, and the first thing she did was out rightly condemn my outfit, she said I should never wear a printed fabric on another. I am a really colourful person so when she told me this, I was sad and wanted to know why.

Few years later, I discovered on Style-Network, a fashion cable channel that you could wear Print on Print and Pattern on Pattern. Yaaaaaaaay! I was elated. I knew my love for colours and experimenting with them had paid off. So I decided I would share with you today my trick on combining and achieving great prints and patterns look.


Depending on individual style and carriage, people wear their prints or patterns differently. The trick is in how well you are able to pull off the combination.

First, we need to know the difference between Prints and Patterns.

Prints are fabric with designs imitating nature, imaginations, etc. For instance, any design that is in the form of animal skin or flower. When such designs from nature are imprinted on fabrics, they can be referred to as prints. When the print mimics the pattern on an animal, it is referred to as ‘Animal-print’ and when it is copied from the pattern of a flower; it is referred to as ‘Floral-print’.

Patterns on the other hand could be the combination of lines or mixture of colours that is not necessarily copied from nature, but are artificially created through someone’s imagination. For instance, a pattern of squares, a pattern of circular or curved lines, and a pattern of straight vertical or horizontal lines.

Patterns are best worn on patterns and Prints on prints. Like wearing a leopard print on leopard prints or stripe on stripe. The key is in making sure that they are either the same or similar in colours and or shades. Try to combine them in varying shades, with darker shades for trousers, bags or shoes and brighter shades for tops, shirts and gowns.

You could also combine prints or patterns, but they must be combined with mono-colouredScreenshot_2015-05-22-11-47-54-1 accessories, this means your accessories should not be multi-coloured. In the end, personal disposition is what matters. Style yourself in whatever you deem comfortable. Just don’t blind people or make them start looking for sunglasses with too much colours and prints.

You can be the celebrity you wish to be by combining your prints or patterns. Just wear them right.

He is a young Nigerian who is passionate about positive social change, youth leadership development, and the growth of SMEs in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Maple is the Principal Consultant of Mapemond Resources, a Brand Development and Idea Management Firm. He is the Founder of Fayples Nigeria, an online clothing store. He is also the initiator of the Southern Brands Project, an initiative aimed at inspiring creative enterprise among young Nigerians in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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