When was the last time you visited Aba or travelled to Enugu and Benue through that route, are you among those who patronize  our local Aba products?  Aba can virtually produce anything,  ranging from bags, shoes, belts, shirts and all types of clothing materials, to toys, metals simple household utensils e.t.c Well,  I do tell my friends that Aba products despite the fact it does mimic It’s foreign counterpart  has some level of quality such that if the government show support and address its devastated road condition, more investors will be attracted there and  in the nearest future Aba will become the largest commercial center for manufacturers in west Africa, a place where people from Ghana, Cote d’ voire, Benin republic, and other countries in west Africa can come to trade. If these are not far from your thoughts too then we need seize the wishful thinking and face reality.

However, I’m not saying that these can’t be realized. I’m just implying that it’s high time the residents of that city and state entirely, start paving way for their success because the ability to attract investors and development lies solely in their power, it’s not as if the government should be left blameless but  like it’s said the way you make your bed you lie on it. Take a look at the picture below, a ‘future’ international market and tell me who is at fault or to blame?aba_n

Asides it’s appallingly bad state the roads are marvelously dirty, you will need to hold your breath and close your eyes while passing through it and still battle with all forms of pollution, the most annoying is a new form I term,  SPACE POLLUTION, right  from the entrance you can see both good and banged up vehicles (cars, lorries and trucks) parked at the road side reducing the road usage, and by the side of what little space is left you’ll be greeted by heaps and heaps of dirt packed and stacked.  In addition to the traffic, the humans plowing  the market itself are just so numerous so that whilst trying to avoid the stench coming from the dirt filled drainage you will be forced to inhale one’s sweaty armpit.

Of course, having a disciplined government would do a lot of good but the greater solution lies in the hands of its residents who need a great deal of discipline as this is their livelihood, they need to step out of their myopic thinking and dream of an expansion beyond south-south and eastern region, even Nigeria as a whole and other west Africa countries.  Time right now is the most expensive commodity we need to act! It’s high time we think out the box.







Written By: Perpetua IBEZIM







He is a young Nigerian who is passionate about positive social change, youth leadership development, and the growth of SMEs in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Maple is the Principal Consultant of Mapemond Resources, a Brand Development and Idea Management Firm. He is the Founder of Fayples Nigeria, an online clothing store. He is also the initiator of the Southern Brands Project, an initiative aimed at inspiring creative enterprise among young Nigerians in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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