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motor park

while you huddle from one shuttle to and fro the different motor parks going about your routine business escapades, have you ever taken a break to examine the air you breathe? Sounds weird!  Because you can’t examine the air before you breathe in, you just perceive it and try to make out if it’s healthy or polluted. However, by  examining the air, I simply mean taking cognizance of the atmosphere enveloped in a particular environment. This atmosphere can be that of fear, anger, crime, happiness e. t. c. depending on the environment, the people reside in it and the activities they engage in.

Therefore with this in mind, whenever you step down from a vehicle into a typical motor park in Port Harcourt as well as in the country what is the most important thing you do on impulse? i.e.  you clutch your purse and phones firmly and  be at alert on which beggar or local ‘almajiri’ kid would be tailing you but then if you are not cautious enough, you might be lead into a vehicle that might not be going your direction.

A motor park is a place you meet all sorts, ranging from kids hawking, young girls selling cards, women selling food, dry gin, i.e., ‘ogogoro’, cigarette and Indian Hemp to agberos, touts, thieves, pick pockets, robbers and lunatics and while you pretend not to show concern you eventually will, when you start looking for your purse, phone or expensive jewelry and you will be surprised to notice a child of barely 10yrs old smiling ahead of you.

child trafficking

Judging from this, the atmosphere I’m trying to describe is that of fear, crime and uncertainty. You might want to ask why, here is a little explanation; every indigenous motor park has a story to tell most especially, of the people reside in it. Stories of how bags are snatched, pocket picked, and one’s jewelries forcefully taken, stories of kids trafficking, of young girls within the age of 12-15 being raped and impregnated after which, when the baby comes, they resort to depression and dumps the baby in a nearby bin, one that explains why a child of 12yrs old smokes and takes alcohol,  and eventually, stories of kids who became adults too soon and later criminals, causing menace to the society.

Looking back at all of these, what is your opinion?  Every day we see reported cases of robbery and crimes committed in different parts of the country with suspects arraigned in court and consequently sentenced to a jail term, problem partially solved but not eradicated! It is important to note that our society always react to the effect of crime and have failed to see its cause and take precautionary measures that would prevent subsequent occurrence.

I read in a book, titled ‘The Tipping Point’ on how little things change the world.  In this case I believe there are little measures which if put into consideration will change a lot of things. So imagine our motor parks are better organized and made clean; there will be little need for touts and agberos! Also think if proper measures are taken to stop the sale of Indian Hemp i.e. ‘igboo’, ‘ogogoro’ and street kids on these parks rehabilitated and sheltered don’t you think things will be a little bit different? Yes! A different atmosphere will be felt and I strongly believe it will make not a little bit, but a great difference! Have a fun filled weekend!






Written By: Perpetua IBEZIM









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