…Just as I did promise, this is the continuation of my previous piece.

Whatever boat you choose to sail or hang on to, note that your decision comes with corresponding consequences. Now, let’s take a brief look at the second part of that astounding story. When the story of that poor beggar’s honesty broke out, it was aired as news on a local TV station. His sister saw him on the news at her home and contacted the reporter on the story to help arrange a reunion with all of his siblings. And that was done.

To make a long story short, that poor beggar, who lives under a bridge for many years, has been reunited with his family, and today he’s considering an offer to move in with his sister. (And then don’t forget about that cool $145’000) That act of honesty paid off considerably, didn’t it?

The principle that worked in favour of that poor beggar is universal. You cannot embrace and live by strong values and not be rewarded eventually. The reward may not be instant but it will come and when it does, it’s accompanied with great joy and fulfillment. Of course, holding on to strong values can be challenging and unpopular in a world where deceit, hypocrisy, quick fixes, and instant gratification are extolled. It’s possible that you’ll suffer great pains and discomfiture by deciding to live by strong values. But then understand that that doesn’t change, refute, or attenuate the potency and truthfulness of strong values. Strong values are principles, and principles don’t tell lies!

Remember that temptations and pressures will come your way to test your values. Don’t give in to them. No matter what, always defend and strengthen your values because they’re the pillars upon which your life rests. In other words, if you lose them, your life starts crumbling away! Many destinies have gone (and are still going) down the drain simply because the carriers lost or threw away their values. Don’t fall into that growing list! Even when holding on to your strong values may appear idiotic to others, still hold on to them. Even when the immediate gains of losing your values may appear alluring, please don’t fall for such gimmick. If you stick to strong values, just like that poor beggar, you will experience great reward, joy unspeakable, true fulfillment, and the world will celebrate and truly respect you. Please, what I am saying isn’t just a word of encouragement. It is a LAW!

Hence, let me end this piece by screaming it again: Choose values!

Chinonso Ogbogu is a corporate trainer, success coach, highly sought-after personal development strategist, gifted writer, adept blogger, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of popular radio programme known as SuccessMatters™ and the author of the powerful book known as ‘THE VOICES’. You can follow him on Facebook: or Twitter on: @chinonsowrites or visit his website on:

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