SouthernBrandsOnline In Collaboration With Bring Enterpreneurs In Akwa Ibom And Cross River To The World


Southern Brands Project is an online project that thrives to bring Entrepreneurs within the South-south geopolitical region to the fore. This will be highlighting what makes them thick, the challenges they had to go through to where they currently are today etc. In collaboration with will be focusing on those who have taken their businesses to enviable successes within Cross River State and Akwa Ibom state which is our area of focus.

Southern Brands Project is poised to promote the entrepreneurial activities and social initiatives of young people across the south-south region of Nigeria in the form of inspiring stories. These stories are shared on our various online platforms to a web audience both within and outside the south-south region while also serving as a forge in which ideas and values are created and reformed.


This is to spur other young people to conceive and pioneer their own ideas/initiatives while also drawing the much needed attention to entrepreneurs down south and as well serving as an alternative to traditional advertising. We are looking towards building an upwardly mobile network for enterprising young people.
An underlying drive is to promote brand consciousness by making entrepreneurs produce, package, and project what they do as ‘brands’.

So this is really an avenue for all discerning entrepreneurs to easily and cheaply  sell themselves to the entire south-south region and Nigeria in general.


Send a full profile of you and your business. Content will be basically the areas of your business you will like the world to know. Entrepreneurs will have the benefit of exposure and several online platforms are also partnering on the project. Start sending in your entry to or

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We are building a platform of knowledge, information, & networking for forward thinking & enterprising young people as well as Brands across the #South-South & beyond!

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