The Future Generation: How We Can Become Entrepreneurial and Enterprising

In today’s world, entrepreneurship has been identified as one the major ways for a person to live a life of realising their full potentials and regaling in the world of immense possibilities. But no one can ever become as enterprising as they want if they don’t follow some time-tested and proven entrepreneurial principles.

Below are major ways to become entrepreneurial and enterprising;

 Be Responsible.

Responsibility is one of the major marks of a deeply enterprising and entrepreneurial mind. It simply means responding to your own abilities. A person that continuously strives to create value cannot despise responsibility; it is a very useful entrepreneurship characteristic. To do this, the entrepreneur must know his obligations and all that is expected of him and be ready to take responsibility when things go wrong. Responsible entrepreneurs gain the commitment of their followers rather than rely on command. They create a desire in their followers rather than demand that they fulfil requirements. They inspire rather than require. Exceptional entrepreneurs offer directions at levels where others are willing to follow. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you must always live with a heightened sense of responsibility for the performance of your team, whether it is successful or not. Rank does confer privilege or give power, it imposes responsibility. The higher the level, the more responsibility the position attracts.

Being responsible as an entrepreneur strengthens your entrepreneurial powers over your subordinates, it helps you to be respected, followed, trusted and liked by them. Responsibility also gives you powers to make valued and acceptable decisions.

 Be innovative. 

I cannot think of a better definition of an un-entrepreneurial mind than one that has refused to open itself to new ideas and technologies. Innovation enhances your value in today’s world; it is one of the bedrocks of a proven and enterprising entrepreneur. If you are not innovative, you will become defective and will never be significant in your chosen field. There is no going forward without the ability to consistently look for new and efficient ways to tackle new problems.

Apple Inc. became the greatest company of all time because of its ability to make radical innovations, it takes an innovative mind to remove the keypad of phones and replace it with a giant touch screen as found in modern phones and tablets, a move which made them become one of the most values adding company of all time.  Consistent and strategic innovation is one of the marks of a value added leadership.

 Identify your zone of reality.

Now, there is no going back to this point. I find it strange that almost everyone thinks they must be an entrepreneur. Believe it or not, everyone is not cut out to be an entrepreneur, just as everyone is not cut out to be a banker or engineer. Many of the problems we have in the entrepreneurial world today, basically come from people who aren’t cut out to be an entrepreneur but venture into it for one reason or the other. Before you think of being an entrepreneur, make sure you have the inclination, determination and passion to be one.

No one can function outside his scope of reality. If being an entrepreneur isn’t real to you, if you don’t have a ‘WHY’ – the definitive reason to be an entrepreneur, if you like to be an entrepreneur because your friend is one or because you want to make money, I suggest you arrest the idea and move to a more definitive one.

Set realistic goals

Many times, a lot of entrepreneurs wander without purpose, without aim or clear objective of how they want their entrepreneurial future to play out, yet ultimately want to become successful. Funny thing is that they become frustrated when they don’t. One thing is certain; many entrepreneurs don’t set clear and realistic goals. Entrepreneurial success isn’t magic; it doesn’t come to the unprepared and unproductive. One of the major ways to become a sustained and seasoned entrepreneur is through definite goal setting.

Your goals must be rooted on reality; they must be planned on paper and must move from how things are to how you want them to be. When your goals are not rooted in reality, they become mere wishes. And you don’t become successful by wishing. Remember that your inner fire fuelling your energy to accomplish great things can lose its intensity if you find yourself reaching for a destination that always seem to evade your grasp. While it is unwise to downsize your plans, it is wise to re-evaluate the way in which you are going about accomplishing your desired objectives. Consistent goal setting gives you the ability to retool, rethink and re-fire when necessary.

Be a self motivator.

If you aren’t good at motivating yourself, I bet you won’t go far in the business world, especially as an entrepreneur. When you are starting up a business or company, there will be lots of breakdown and stressful days, especially when the workload is heavy.  You have to always find the motivation to give the business everything, otherwise it will fail. The ability to always swim in the ocean of motivation, determination and grit is not just an entrepreneurial skill, it’s an innate power. Motivation is deeply internal; no one can motivate you but you. You must teach yourself to get up every day and keep the business going despite the odds.

It is also important to understand what your main motivations are so that you can focus your efforts in continually reaching them

Work with a good team; it matters.

This final point is something completely obvious; the people who constitute your entrepreneurial circle are important. They must possess the required skills and must be competent. There must a marriage between experience and performance in the abilities of these people. They must possess the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn from others, they must understand that no one has the monopoly of knowledge and must not pretend they do.

Entrepreneurship that adds value is about passionate and quality people that can deliver excellent services. If the people involved can’t consistently improve and add value to the general public, the entrepreneurial activity has failed.

Above all, you should be certain that you love and are proud of the business you are working on.

I am a thinker, writer and an entrepreneur whose perspective on success is centred on the overall well being of an individual. I love words and enjoy learning by having QUALITY conversations. I am the author of The R.I.C.H theory, a book centred on the powers of Responsibility, Intelligence, Courage and Honesty. I am easily distracted by books. I tweet from.

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