Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday, trust you’re getting the results you want from your Personal and Professional Life. Today we’d be talking about ‘Dressing in Time’. Like we all know, Perceptions are everything, and people make conclusions about us based on our image before ever meeting with us. As unimportant as dressing in time may sound it is very important.

Imagine walking into a client’s office looking 1920, and you’re marketing a product/service. If I was that client, I would just assume that whatever it is you’re marketing is 1920…and it’d be hard for me to think otherwise.

So being trendy is not vain, because in selling, everything add or subtracts in the buying decision of your prospect.

Not that am saying Looks are everything, but am saying Looks are important. Because too often than not, young entrepreneurs focus so much on content, thinking Looks don’t matter, which is why even with the right content, the doors never get opened for you to make that presentation and sell your content. And am not talking about having the Looks without the right content, that is deceitful, and would definitely do more harm than good.

With a trendy appearance, you suggest to your prospect that you’re a modern person, working for a highly innovative brand with excellent products/ services that are relevant in time.

Fashion Calendar

Spring Collections: January

Fall Collections: July

Main Theme this spring

Tailored, Classic, with a touch of bold and edgy added into the mix

Trendy Business Smart Attire Recommendations for Spring/Summer 2013 (March –August)


This season is all about bright colours and bold prints. Women fashion trends features dazzling prints, eye popping colours, which also includes bright neon’s, vivid statement lip colours, statement making necklaces which are chic and bold, and extremely wearable in the work place under the guidelines of what the acceptable dress code for the brand is.

For Women:

fashion friday 2

The most popular items of clothing for Spring/Summer in 2013 are dresses and skirts.

Colours for Spring/Summer for 2013 include;

-White & Black, Red, Mint, Dull neutrals like the beige, Royal Blue, Purple (has a been a favourite colour for several seasons), Candy bubblegum colours like pinks and oranges as well as lime greens.

Patterns include;

– Vivid prints

– Major stripes

– Exotic Skin in various colours

-Geometric Prints

Fabric includes;



Styles include;

-Many fashions this season will be sewed up with the up most intricately, touting pleats, folds, and draping.


-Pencil cut pants (ankle length)

-Straight cut suit pants (ankle length)

-Trousers new waist line falls just below the waist

-Anything goes for trousers, from very skinny to very flared legs

Skirts, Dresses, and Skirted Suits

-Pastel dresses are so trendy this season

-Pencil Skirts

-Skirt length this season remains mid-knee

-Sheath Dress: In fashion, a sheath dress is a type of dress designed to fit close to the body, relatively unadorned


- This spring the jacket or blazer is well tailored, and are being designed in various lengths.

–  Pastel Coloured Jackets, well tailored with classic details


-Shoes in bright neon colours

-Platforms are out; Classic Stilettos with average heels are back in

-Designs include patterns, flowers and hardware

-Kitten heels are also back in (much more comfortable)

-Cut-out booties

Accessories and Jewellery:


– Pastel Pearls are so big this season, from bracelets, to rings, to earrings.

– Colours are from natural to bright; silver, gold and metals


– For size this season, anything goes. For shape, large, rigid handbags, to be carried via hand straps like a suit-case.

– Bags in bright neon colours

– Short strapped over sized handbags

– Oversized clutch’s

– Bags designed with lots of shiny hardware

– Large, rigid handbags, obviously to be carried via hand straps, somewhat like a   suit-case.


-Sheer nudes

-Pearl White Finger nails

-Short Red nails

 For Men:

Fashion Friday 1

Same as that for women, including colours

Main Theme this spring

Tailored, Classic, with a touch of bold and edgy added into the mix

Please Note:

*Trousers should stop just above the shoe, smart, fitted and more practical.

*Accessories like belts should carefully selected to make a statement

*Waistcoats are in men this season.

*’No Socks’ for men are also in, but I can’t exactly say that’s a look for corporate world.

Now you know how to Look Good In Time, enjoy your new look as stand out in your workplace.

Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You.

In Style,

Esther N.

Image Consultant and CEO Zinny Styles Limited. Loves Fashion, Style & High Fashion Photography. I enjoy packaging personalities and helping people build confidence.

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