Chinonso Writes!: “KEEP IT UP” Gee! Don’t Run On That Fuel. It Doesn’t Last The Journey…

One of the largest, boisterous marketplaces of the 21st century is Facebook. Apart from the camaraderie that it creates, it’s a virtual space where millions of users converge to solicit praises from other praise-seeking users. Hence, to attract praises, many users ceremoniously trade ideas, products, services, events, achievements, insanity, ethos, lies, hypocrisies, and a long list of others. Well, since the fast growing demand for praises is presently outrunning the supply—and the available time remains constant—several users have devised quick, economic ways of providing them. Popular among them is the phrase, “Keep It Up,” that they deploy effortlessly in order to ‘praise,’ or like they presume, ‘encourage’ someone’s praise-seeking portfolio. Apparently, this phrase has become a cliché, yet, alas, many people silently seek and thrive on it to power their praise-seeking engines. And if this phrase or something akin to it isn’t dispensed, then the logic, for them, is that they aren’t doing ‘just enough.’ Gee! What a drag!

More unfortunately, this above tendency holds true even beyond Facebook. It plays out in our lives on a diurnal basis. From career to business to relationship to politics to religion, many of us have patterned our lives to run on the fuel of praises. The corollary of this is that, praises have become the driving force for many! That is to say, the success of these persons is denominated in the number or size or quality of praises they attract from others—or media. Talk about error of misplacement of priority!

Okay, to be fair at this juncture. Of course, praises are good, and humans have the natural inclination to give and receive them. However, if your actions in life are fueled by the desire to receive praises, then you’re only running on the wrong fuel. Listen, your goal should be to push towards doing the right thing, irrespective of whether praises show up or not. Your goal should be live out your true assignment, irrespective of whether people blow your trumpet or not. Your goal should be to press towards the mark, with or without the ‘Keep It Ups’ being chanted by the sideline. If your motivation is drawn from praises, the fact is that the world obviously is too busy to guarantee unlimited supply. And forcing out unending supply will only make you go ballistic! Well, that’s only a slice of the entire pains.

So my take on this is very simple. Be good to others because that’s the right thing to do. Add value to your organization or relationship or customers because that’s the right thing to do. Lead others effectively and manage their resources properly because that’s the right thing to do. Give in your best to tap into your potentials and live out your dreams because that’s the right thing to do. Make real impact on your society because that’s why you showed up in the first place. In other words, let your dreams and actions always be fueled by your strong desire to do the right thing and not to seek people’s ‘Keep It Ups.’ Q.E.D!

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