Businesses sometimes fail to realise that customer service is the inherent ability to look at every interaction with the customer as an opportunity for customer delight and service excellence.

Imagine for a minute that there are two businesses delivering the same services. What would separate one from another would inadvertently be the quality and sometimes cost of services offered.

Good & bad customer care always arouses powerful emotions; some of which are remarkable and others disastrous. Both of which have a lasting impression and may lead to retaining or losing existing and potential clients.

Here are some staggering statistics:

§  Only 4% of customers actually complain

§  Around 75% of the complaining customers will do business with you again, if you act quickly to remedy that situation.

§  It costs 5 – 6 times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones especially via new media.

Out of the entire customers you lost:

§  1% die

§  3% move away

§  9% go away for cheaper prices

§  19% are steadfast customers

§  68% leave due to bad service (they go elsewhere because the people they deal with are indifferent about their needs).

Research shows that someone who has had a bad customer experience will tell at least ten (10) other people.

Employers should display accuracy, friendliness, timeliness, efficiency, courtesy and honesty with their clients and services.

Service providers should be eager to please their clients by:

§  Being interested

§  Giving information

§  Listening carefully

§  Answering questions

Warm friendly responses at all times especially when clients are upset or have concerns. Do your best to apologize, fix the problem and follow up on the clients.

Your client is your GUEST:

G- Greet the customers

U- Understand the customer’s needs

E- Explain features and benefits of rendered services

S- Suggest additional services that can be rendered

T- Thank the customer profusely. The customer is king

Finally, be the best at your business, improve on its standard and inspire the staff to embrace the vision of your business and be guided by it.


Florence Opuda is a women’s lifestyle coach and a dynamic consultant on etiquettes who is gifted and skilled in enhancing and helping bring out the best in both her individual and organizational clients.  She maintains a blog where she expresses herself on her areas of passion. Twitter: @beautifulflo Blog: Email: FB:


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