Aptly describing limitations in a new light by the gripping statement “It is not what you don’t have that limits you but what you have but don’t know how to use”, he paints a picture many have failed to see in our contemporary world.

Steve dropped out from school on two different occasions at two different higher institutions (University of Benin and Madonna University). The story weaves through the incomprehensible challenges he went through getting a job (as an errand boy) just to sustain himself, doubting also the place of God in his life to meeting a man who provided the platform for his turn around.

By a rare stroke of fortune and providence, Steve met Fela Durotoye and eventually served under him. He lived in Fela Durotoye’s house, dutifully doing all that was required of him and worked as an office assistant. It was while serving under Fela that he incredibly got a break to act in as a consultant at a time the company’s resources were stretched. He represented Fela at a bank’s training and that was the turning point. He did remarkably well, and in a few months, the office assistant whose main job was to buy newspapers and run errands had turned into a consultant. The bell chimed in his life and beautiful symphonies began to flow forth.

Steve had no class. He bagged no degree. In his words, “everyone has dropped out in one area or the other”. This is a story that has continuously inspired tears of courage from many readers. Regardless of your status, it is a must read for you!

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