The easiest solution is to volunteer!


A lot of persons say they can’t work without being paid. Now, while they remain unemployed, a year or two or even more passes by within which if they had been doing a voluntary job, they would have met the requirement of ‘work experience’ and further enhanced their chances of getting a job.


Nothing good comes easy as we all know. So why it is not anybody’s wish to work without pay, it is also good to bear in mind that the volunteer job is only a temporal thing in order to meet up the challenge of ‘job experience’.


Having a volunteer job is far better than staying at home, because when you will be asked during an interview to say what you’ve been doing since you graduated, you would have better chances when you share your volunteering experience than when you tell the interviewer that you’ve been at home trying to secure a job. Please know that no potential employer wants to employ somebody with a roaming about experience (your attempts at getting a job isn’t the employer’s headache)!


So why you are at home waiting to get a job, below are some action steps you should take to build your career prospect.




1)        Take a survey of all the companies/firms that are not far from your residence (so that cost of transportation doesn’t become another challenge).

2)       Figure out the skills you could learn from these places and try aligning them to the skills you need to build your career prospect.

3)       Pick out the firms that will offer you useful skills as you advance in your personal/career growth.

4)      Apply to them as a volunteer (don’t downplay this process. Take every bit of it as serious as you would with a paid job). Be bold about this.

5)       When you get employed, take your work serious (they are in position to give you recommendation/reference letter for your potential paid job or they can even convert you into a regular staff if you prove your worth)

6)      As you work, network (establish contacts) from there without going against company policies.

7)       They may eventually decide to pay you a little token as transport/lunch allowance plus other benefits you will be getting such as free phone calls (which must be used wisely), free internet connection, etc

8)      Always remember that you are greatly boosting your employability/CV by doing this and you will have an edge over other applicants in the sight of your potential paid job employer.


If you can’t do this, then go for professional courses, computer courses, ICT courses, personal development trainings, read books that will build you, and so on, but by all means, don’t stay idle while you are yet to get a job!


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