I left school four years ago, and when they asked me what I’ve been doing since I left school, I stammered saying “erm…erm….erm…” and like as though the light switch in a dark dungeon just got turned on, I became alive, speaking fluently as I opted to cling unto the usual “there are no jobs” lyrics while narrating my job hunting ordeal to them. They asked me, “what value will this your job hunting experience add to our organization?” The light in the dungeon instantly went off as I stood dumbfounded before the panel with my eyes fixed sternly at the floor.

Several times, I have heard people say that PH chaps are lazy and I always fought against such assertions, arguing that PH chaps “seem” lazy because they lack the opportunity to put their potentials into use, what a lazy argument I had! If only I knew that it was nobody’s responsibility but mine to utilize my potentials. If only I knew that I had to be prepared to maximize the opportunity I pray and wish for. Now, today, I have blown my opportunity to get a job and the interview panel had just called me lazy to my face. What a bitter truth! A truth I have always ran away from, or rather a truth that I have always denied, because it seems like this truth lives in me and I have always neglected it.

Now, I am haunted by the truth in the form of memories. I remember gallivanting around cinemas instead of seeking seminars to attend. I remember spending money on recharge cards, blackberry subscription for pinging, clothes, fashion accessories, and every other thing you can think of, except for things that will add value to me and help me to be better prepared for the labour market. I’ve done things that are merely necessary, and left undone the very important things, lazy me!

I have always had high hopes to get a good job at which I will excel, make and save some money, settle down with a nice lady, move into a decent apartment, set up an elegant wardrobe, cruise a classy car, and just basically live a tush life with an admirable and enviable swag. I just want to be highly successful, but wait a minute, how on earth was I expecting to attain such feats without the needed corresponding actions that will yield my desired results? I can’t believe this; the interview panel was right about their assertion. I just confirmed it myself, how lazily ambitious I’ve been, lazy me!

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