Outclass Community is our group for ardent Southern Brands subscribers. Members of the group will be given special consideration for every event organised by us, hints on business opportunities, job vacancies, loyalty incentives, and all the exciting things that will be happening in Southern Brands! To join you will need to do the following:


Like our “Southern Brands Project” facebook page and follow us on Twitter @southernbrands


Become a correspondent or citizen reporter! Are you young, smart, outgoing, and articulate? Then you can become our correspondent from wherever you are or a citizen reporter for your locality! Feel free to send us well-written opinions, articles, stories, news report or any other contribution at info@southernbrandsonline.com Please note that we reserve the right to edit your submission and also determine whether it gets posted or not. So we advise that you do a great job with your piece!

Hint: The piece must be enlightening in one way or the other, sharing an idea, or inspiring in some way.


We are very interested in sharing stories and other activities from within the entire south-south region with the rest of the world. So please if you have any stories from within the south-south about events, special reports, articles about life in your city, or anything else, we’re interested in them! Send details to info@southernbrandsonilne.com

Hint: The piece must be enlightening in one way or the other, sharing an idea, or inspiring in some way.


Southern Brands is also interested in rendering support to projects that are related to community development or corporate social responsibility. If you have any story or project you want us to spotlight, email us via info@southernbrandsonline.com


Members of the community will be opportune to meet with each other periodically to interact and exchange ideas and also learn from the experiences and knowledge of remarkable individuals in various fields who will serve as mentors. 


Please note that for the aforementioned, we reserve the right to select who qualifies and who doesn’t. We look forward to having you in the Southern Brands’ Outclass Community!

Thank You!

We are building a platform of knowledge, information, & networking for forward thinking & enterprising young people as well as Brands across the #South-South & beyond!

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