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And then, as usual, I decided to stir my hungry thoughts…

 Imagine a world without measurement. Oh yes, you heard me, no metric system. For example: Speed without time. Schools without exams. Games without scores. Businesses without accounts. Days without year. Righteousness without love. Sins without punishment. Just picture any of such improbability. Can it be? No, period!

The world cannot survive without measurement. Neither can man do or thrive without measurement. Measurement is like the umbilical cord that keeps both man and his world sane. Hence, when it’s disregarded or lost or ignored, both man and his world are torn apart. Yet, many keep tearing themselves apart because they run their lives without measurement. Simply put, they succeed in achieving the improbable—they never evaluate their lives. And because they don’t, they never learn, adjust, improve, or grow. Gosh!

How often do you take time to measure your life? How often do you take a pause and take a thorough stock of your life’s journey? It’s highly important that you always do so. Don’t live your life without benchmarks. Stay committed to evaluate your life’s journey and learn from your findings. Measurement is a powerful, instructive tool that you must deploy in the field of life for you to achieve real, sustainable success. Therefore, not deploying it is tantamount to breaking the law. And you can’t break this law and go scot-free. Improbable! And, hey, don’t think you can achieve the improbable in this one too. You can’t!

Chinonso Ogbogu is a corporate trainer, success coach, highly sought-after personal development strategist, gifted writer, adept blogger, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of popular radio programme known as SuccessMatters™ and the author of the powerful book known as ‘THE VOICES’. You can follow him on Facebook: or Twitter on: @chinonsowrites or visit his website on:

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