By Esther Nweje

Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s edition of Fashion Friday, trust you’re all looking trendy and professional. This week we’ll be talking about Body Language, because with a trendy appearance and a poor body language you’d still send out the wrong messages.

Your body language sends strong non-verbal messages about you, hence ensure that your body language is consistent with a person who is excellent at what he does, and that includes standing, sitting, gestures and facial expressions.


When standing, take an erect position with your hands by your side, and your feet slightly spread apart.

Standing Postures

Standing Postures


When someone is leaning, sinking, or swivelling, you’re getting a signal that he or she is uninterested in the communication. But sitting erect and leaning slightly forward shows that you’re interested in the communication.


Sitting Postures

Sitting Postures


Having a smile on your face makes you more approachable and of course more attractive to the other person because no one wants to deal with an unhappy person.



In summary, the person in the audience who isn’t aware of what you’re wearing, how you’re standing or sitting or what you’re doing is free to concentrate on what you’re saying. So let’s get the most of our communication today and the rest of the week with the right body language.

Be Stylish, Be Fashionable, Be You!

In Style,

Esther N.

Image Consultant and CEO Zinny Styles Limited. Loves Fashion, Style & High Fashion Photography. I enjoy packaging personalities and helping people build confidence.

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