Travie McCoy didn’t only share his dream (or should I say wish?) with the world when his debut single “billionaire” hit the airwaves, he also voiced the desire of millions of young people all over the world including yours truly; the lazy Port Harcourt boy. Yes! Just like Travie, I wanna be a billionaire – so freaking bad!

I have heard it being said times over that money doesn’t bring happiness, but I think I wanna confirm that myself. They say money doesn’t necessarily bring fulfillment, and I say poverty doesn’t either. Truth is, as vain as material possessions are, we cannot possibly go through life without them. So, my desire to be a billionaire led me on a journey to the end of the rainbow in search of the proverbial pot of gold.

I started to look around town for means of making money. I considered the ‘For-ex Trading Profession’ but didn’t give that a shot because I never ceased to wonder why a few persons who supposedly knew how to make billions of Dollars (bearing in mind how naturally selfish human beings are) had to go about persuading other people to “learn the trade”. I saw the training fees they collected as a major source of income for these ‘For-ex chaps’.

To confirm my assertion, look around and you’ll notice these chaps seem to have vanished. I considered other options like chasing contracts, but I didn’t have the resources to set up a company, and wasn’t ready for the stress, or better put, I was too lazy to even try. Hope you didn’t forget that’s what this diary is about? – My laziness. And for those who read ‘How Laziness Inspired Me to Aspire for Greatness’, I still have not gotten a paid job.

As was normal for me, I attended the weekly youth meeting held every Monday in my church. We had been informed that a guest speaker was coming to talk to us about wealth creation, and I decided to attend because that’s a topic that holds great attraction for me. I decided to go even though I wasn’t so keen due to my ‘know-it-all’ mindset. I perused “what new trick will I hear/learn?”…but something happened at that meeting…something I will never forget, at least, not in this lifetime.

After the speaker had gone through the usual opening by introducing himself and had started the discourse, he asked everyone of us to get out a sheet of paper and biro, and to write the answers to the questions he was about to ask us. The second question, simple as it was, wasn’t so easy to answer. First, he asked “how many of you here want to be billionaires?” as expected, all hands went up! He asked again, “if I were to give each of you NGN1m (One Million Naira), what would you do with it?”  Eyes started rolling and papers remained blank while some started to chew off the cork on their biros. It wasn’t like I didn’t know what to do with a ‘cool million’, the problem was that the things I had on my mind weren’t what I should put down on my paper – if you know what I mean!

It was then that it hit me, that in my quest to be a billionaire, my mind was focused on only the good life – classy cars, a palatial home, a glamorous wedding, kids at good school, trips abroad, affluence, designer clothes and accessories, and so on.  I desire the lifestyle of billionaires, but I don’t care to know what it takes to become one. I don’t have a job. I can’t write business plans. I lack financial intelligence. I don’t have an investment mentality. I hate reading books on wealth creation. I just wanna be a billionaire! Hmm….I think with this attitude, many young Nigerians of today will not become wealthy!




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