The ecosphere is presently thronged with over six billions humans (and still growing like greased lightning). Although the figure appears huge and startling, one of its fundamental beauties is that each inhabitant brings into the ecosphere his own unique space. Hence, the strength of these inhabitants is not in the numerical aggregate (or otherwise), but in the uniqueness of each one’s personal space and how he deals with it. Simply put, each inhabitant has been given his own space, and making the best use of it is the meat and potatoes of a great life. Alas, many inhabitants don’t recognize this truth; thus, they don’t harness the strength of their space. They either aren’t in charge of it or they allow the wrong ‘boss’ to run the show. Pathetic!

Now, at this point, let me state few truths about your space.

Your space is the world within and around you, and one of the greatest assets you’ve is the uniqueness of this space. But, first, you need to understand this and then begin to run your space in such a way that it brings out the best in you as well as helps you to positively influence the spaces of other inhabitants. Your space should stay unique, empowering, and elevating. Your space should bring light to you and to others. Your space should have a driver and that driver should be you. Your space should serve you and others greatly.

 Drawing from the above (and others not said), let me summarize:

  • Appreciate and maintain the uniqueness of your space.
  • Be in charge of your space.
  • Expand your space.
  • Make your space the best.
  • Let your space make positive impact on others.

– Chinonso Ogbogu is a business trainer, success coach, highly sought-after motivational speaker, gifted writer, adept blogger, and a radio personality. He is the radio host of popular radio programme known as SuccessMatters™ and the author of the powerful book known as ‘THE VOICES’. Follow him on Facebook: or Twitter on: @chinonsowrites

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