Dear Future Leader,

You are considering what it takes to be successful in business in our society. I would say to you that the elements of success in our free enterprise system are no different than those in any endeavor you undertake.

You must have a vibrant vision of what you will accomplish. Determine for yourself what it is you want to achieve, and always keep moving toward that beacon in your horizon.

It is important that you take initiative and take action.

Make sure you have a strong sense of values. Our company’s values serve as the business guideposts and ethical compass for all our decisions and actions. Mutual respect and trust, excellence, individual fulfillment and profitable growth all are indispensable values for Bell Atlantic, but integrity is our touchstone.

Finally, always be honest with yourself. We call this accountability, and it serves as a lens to correct the distortions of blaming others and resorting to excuses. With accountability, we can more accurately gauge the talents and skills within ourselves and our associates, and use them to the best advantage.


Ray Smith.

C.E.O, Bell Atlantic



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