Me & My Girlfriend: Picturing the Future…

Me_and_My_GirlfriendIt was a pretty sunny day, and there she sat with a gloomy look on her face, by the walkway leading to the Engineering faculty. The look in her eyes suggested to anyone who looked that all was not well. Pretty, her complexion the colour of light caramel. I could guess she had a heart-warming smile despite her distressed look. And you guessed right! I could not possibly walk past her without showing some compassion. Thankfully, she didn’t show any signs of hostility but was rather very receptive, managed to give me a smile from both ends of her innocent but luscious-looking lips. I ventured in a jocular tone “Don’t tell me one unworthy boy put this look on you?” she chuckled and murmured “Not feeling well since last night” in her temporarily defeated mellifluous voice. “Been feverish and nauseous”. Then she recounted  how she had wanted to stay home that day but forced herself to school as she didn’t want to be home alone. I helped her to her feet and took her to the pharmacy at the university shopping complex where some drugs were administered to her and she gained relief. This was how we became good friends. Oh! I forgot to mention, this happened over five years ago when we were both still in school.

As days rolled by, her amazingly sweet demeanor endeared her to me. I found myself enchanted by her and she too was caught by my charm. Our phones used to ring off the hook as we called each other frequently and exchanged text messages. She started visiting me in my hostel, and we became inseparable. I can’t remember asking her out, but like people say, “one thing led to another” and we found ourselves in a relationship, you know what I mean, right?! Our relationship has its good and bad moments, but on overall assessment, is a very enviable one. Against advice of some of her friends, she stuck with me through-out our school days. It’s been five years and  counting, urm….did I just say “ counting”? Honestly, I am no longer sure about that.

Presently, my girlfriend seems somewhat preoccupied, perturbed by thoughts going on in her mind. She recently attended a relationship seminar for singles at the church where one of her friends worships, and ever since, her thoughts and discussions with me are all geared towards our future, her future. By September 26 she will clock 28 while I clocked 30 in March this year. Without a doubt, she has always loved me, believed in me, and hoped to spend the rest of her life with me. But something she heard at that seminar from one of the speakers set off her mental alarm. The speaker had said to the participants “do not plan your future with someone who doesn’t have a future plan”. This really got her thinking; she knows I am hopeful for a better future, but who isn’t? Every sane person is hopeful for better days! But truth be told, hope is no plan. She’s aware of my desire for a good life – classy cars, a palatial home, a glamorous wedding, kids at good school, trips abroad, affluence, designer clothes and accessories, and so on. But then, who doesn’t want such good life? No sane person! Every graduate and even non-graduates all “hope” for good paying jobs! So I ask myself,” what exactly is my plan for the future? I scratch  my head but can’t find the words! My actions are not in correspondence with my desires for a good life; I don’t have a plan and I lack the needed drive to succeed. So I realized there’s nothing that my girlfriend can build her confidence on to “plan” her future with me. I can’t imagine losing the woman I truly love…. Somebody help!!!!!

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