“It’s not possible”, that’s what he said. I just looked at him and kept quiet. This is not the first time I have heard people respond this way when I challenge their potential, their ability to do more, to earn more. I took my phone and left him.

Three months later he called me and said, “It’s possible”. What happened?

After our last discussion, his cousin requested that he should handle all the print-related jobs for his wedding. He did so well that two friends of his cousin asked him to also handle the print aspect of their weddings. What I told him is what I want to share with you. Whether it’s possible or not, depends on you.

Your ability to do anything, earn any amount, start any project or business depends on your ability to convince others of your enthusiasm and competence for that project.

We will look at five lucrative business opportunities that are expanding in Port Harcourt, that you can start with nothing-down, and that you can do while you still maintain your job, or that you can start while you are still searching for a job.

1. Media Relations Consultant (MRC)

You can start-up as a MRC without an office, experience, and even with no money. All you need is your ability to convince people.

The job of the MRC is to manage how information about an organization or event is publicized through different medias including electronic (TV, Radio etc), print (Flex, Billboards, Flyers, Booklet etc), ICT (Website, Social, Telecoms etc). The services of the MRC is always needed by churches, schools, organizations, individuals; for programmes including weddings, burials etc. Every day in Port Harcourt, a media job is approved. You can be part of this business using the following simple steps.

1. Visit established organizations that offer the media services that you are interested in.

For example, if you are interested in print media, visit about five print houses. Study their price list for different job, the quality of their jobs, what makes them better, and how they manage their clients (relationship and financial). Endeavour to create relationship with the people there and have contacts as much as possible. At this point you have not spent any money except your transport and time.

2. Set your own evaluation standard

Now start using your business negotiation skills. Meet the owners of these businesses and have an agreement based on payment and payment terms. For example, if what they charge all clients for a print is N24, 000, make the owner see that you will be bringing regular jobs, and that you are his indirect marketer, so he should give you better payment offers, either in percentages (I normally demand 20% of the total cost) or a fixed amount (N20, 000 as in the example above). Also set a standard for yourself/business, especially in terms of quality. If you cannot deliver the best, don’t accept the offer in the first place. Many clients have come to me because of this simple reason; I give them high standard and best quality.

3. Start talking and volunteering

Now start talking to people as if you are a professional in this area. Practice with family, close relatives and friends. Offer to belong to committees in churches and groups, and when they propose media issues, present yourself as the best hand. Any job that comes to you, see it as a determinant of your next job, therefore do it very well. No one will recommend you if you don’t deliver. You will face challenges, yes, but call them ‘experience’, it is your fastest way to learn. As you do more jobs, make more money, gain more experience, you will start branding yourself professionally. Save and invest into your business. Grow it gradually and you will see that after some time, you will become the reference point for that particular line of business.


I will continue with the rest four business ideas in another piece. Thank you.

Etuk Anietie is the Managing Director of Corehead Business Solutions.

We are building a platform of knowledge, information, & networking for forward thinking & enterprising young people as well as Brands across the #South-South & beyond!

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