This week we bring to you the story of another creative and enterprising youth who is breaking new grounds and striving to be extraordinary. He is Adim Christian, the Founder and Creative Director of Ambassador Couture, a Fashion Designing venture making exquisitely designed attires with both African and English fabrics. Ambassador Couture operates from Port Harcourt but has clients in several other Cities. 

His Drive…

Adim says he has three major things that keep him going: An innate desire to create something different and unique, the ‘spirit of a hustler’, and his faith in God.

 How he started…

As a model he was also doing sketches for people, the responses he got were amazing, and then he started selling cloths to boutique owners. “Not forgetting where I’m heading to, with the money realized, and assistance from friends, I started my own fashion house on the 1st of August 2008 but officially launched the label Ambassador Couture on the 8th of August 2009” Adim narrated to Southern Brands.

Growth so far…

According to Adim, “so far, Ambassador Couture has been moving from glory to glory, we have never had a better last year, every day and year is better than the past. All thanks to God Almighty.” His outfit Ambassador Couture came 3rd in the prestigious Port Harcourt fashion show in Feb. 2010 and was winner of the same show in Feb 2011, it emerged the National Second Best Designer of the year at the Hats Aviation fashion week and awards on 26th June 2010, Adim’s Ambassador Couture was also ‘Best Designer of the Year’ at Fashion Night Out in Accra, Ghana on 20th April 2011.

Again on Feb. 2012, Ambassador Couture retained its position as the Best Designer of the year during the Port Harcourt Fashion Show. The outfit won Best Designer of the year at the Imo Fashion week and awards on 23rd June, 2012. Also, on 7th July 2012, Ambassador Couture was presented with an Award as the Fastest Growing Label of the year.

 The Challenges…

Electricity seems to be a common problem most entrepreneurs face. Adim Christian has listed poor electricity and location as his biggest challenges. On how he deals with the challenges he said “as for the Location, we try our best to offer exceptional service that will make us stand out and bring the clients coming to where we are. There is a popular saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day, start from somewhere, and that is exactly what we are doing, starting from the ghetto with the paradise that we desire in mind and focus.” What a determined young man! Truly, a man’s present location shouldn’t prevent him from pursuing his desired destination.

On the challenge of electricity, Adim says “most times we have to spend a lot on fuel to meet up with a client’s job; sometimes we have to sacrifice our night sleep just to make sure we deliver, electricity is more guaranteed at mid-night because PHCN usually supplies power from about 1:30am to 5:00am, and we take advantage to work then.” When there is a will, there surely is a way!

Photo Speak…

Here are some of Adim’s work…




ambassador 1

ambassador 7

ambassador 11

ambassador 34

ambassador 4

ambassador 10i

ambassador 12

ambassador 19

ambassador 22

ambassador 27





Future Plans…

On where he sees his venture in the future, Adim is convinced that Ambassador Couture will have showrooms in major cities across Nigeria and Abroad. Beyond that, Adim aspires to go global with his designs, “hope I didn’t forget telling you that we will have the world’s largest sewing factory and fashion showroom here in Nigeria.” Wow, the audacity of a dream!

 Word of Advice…

Adim Christian advises young people to always have a clear vision alongside their big dreams, he urges them to always concentrate and go for what they want. He says young people should read books and ask questions, they should always try to be their best and must believe in their nation (Nigeria), in his words “you can’t prosper in the land you hate”, and the greatest of all, “they should know their creator, have a good relationship with Him and the sky is their starting point. Remember what the Bible says; God says, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men, the things God has prepared for them that love Him.” he said.

 Contact Ambassador Couture…

Phone: 08091550352, 08069779174.

Twitter: @ambycouture



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