woman-asking-questionsThis is a live gist captured by on twitter. Enjoy reading and do well to share your own views and perceptions in the comments section below. Here you go!

@southernbrands: How can a woman show her interest in a man without losing her respect as a lady?

@buddies4real: In Nigeria, it is difficult, but it will be a lot easier if the man is already down for the lady but is shy to approach her.

@southernbrands: Ok…

@buddies4real: If I have the guy’s contact, I will text him, phone him, try to communicate with him often but I will never tell him I love him nor I want to date him.

@southernbrands: Ok…

@buddies4real: I will invite him to cinema; I won’t be carried away by my emotions. I will also watch the guy’s response towards me and what his interest might be, if I have to do all the calling, texting, and he doesn’t reciprocate, then he is not interested and I won’t spill my intentions.

@southernbrands: What a lady you are!

@buddies4real: I am just using me as an example to make things easier….lol

@southernbrands: Ok, but what about cases where a lady does some of these things casually but a guy starts thinking that she’s interested in him? You know guys are quick to read meaning into such things…

@buddies4real: It’s rare for you to see this stuff happen. A girl who is not interested in a guy won’t waste her time, my dear don’t be deceived.

@southernbrands: ok then, if you say so….back to our gist…

@buddies4real: I will try as much as possible to know a lot about him but as an African woman I will never ask him out if not, my pride is gone

@southernbrands: Yeah….

@buddies4real: I will give him an enabling environment to ask me out, but if he still doesn’t ask me out, I will let him go my dear because, if I ask him out, I will lose my pride

That’s Anny’s (buddies4real) opinion. Let’s read yours!

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