As the clock ticks, more young Nigerians are discovering their creative abilities and launching out with ventures through which they hope to carve a niche for themselves. Unlike other young people, Cheetham-West Boma, a trained anatomist, works with the Rivers State Emergency Service, but is also working hard to establish a business for herself. Boma’s story may be very similar to many others but there is something unique about it – she’s passionate about what she’s doing and she’s willingly serving as a peer-mentor to several young people! We (Southern Brands) tasked one of her trainees to write this story.

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Dressing we know is a way of life and Ibiaye by Tennie gives that charming classy, casual and chic look with her accessories and clothing.  With Ibiaye by Tennie accessories and fashion you cannot put a foot wrong when it comes to styling because of the authenticity and originality they add to all things.


Cheetham-West Boma

Cheetham-West Boma




CHEETHAM-WEST BOMA is the brain behind Ibiaye by Tennie fashion and accessories and she is a lady with strong ambition, wonderful perception to life, an unrelenting work ethic and a drive to learn. She is a very creative person who started her works with crochet and knitting.




What Got Her Started….

One fateful day she saw a beautiful photo posted on facebook by ‘St. Colors’, a friend of hers and a classmate in Secondary School. Due to her quest for knowledge, she inquired about getting some training and was directed to ‘Uyai by Peniel’ where she paid some money and got trained in October 2012. It was two-day training, and luckily for her, she started getting orders from family members and friends just about the same time she concluded the training.

Going Into Business….

Crochet and knitting and her new found hobby ankara making slowly turned into her business which gave birth to the company Ibiaye by Tennie. It is said that some people make a career out of hobbies and this statement is true for IBT. The first major order for Ibiaye by Tennie was for the Mothers Union in St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Okrika, Rivers State.

Training Others…

Comment from a trainee

Comment from a trainee

Ibiaye By Tennie started training other persons because she thought it wise to play a role in helping reduce the level of joblessness among young people. So far, IBT has trained ten people who have gone ahead to put a refreshing smile on the faces of others.

Taking It Public….

The first outing of IBT was at the Enugu Carnival in the month of December last year 2012 where IBT showcased its class and originality even on the runway as the models wore the clothes and accessories.

IBT's stand at Enugu Carnival

IBT’s stand at Enugu Carnival

IBT's attire at Enugu Carnival

IBT’s attire at Enugu Carnival

Dealing With Challenges And Competitors…

When asked about her challenges she said “there is no business without challenges and so far the most pressing challenge is getting a show room, there is none at the moment.”  On dealing with competition, she says she is not moved by competition from other fashion designers because, clothing and accessories is an everyday need and Ibiaye By Tennie fashion tries to put finesse and ensure that quality is constantly delivered by the help of God.

Giorgio Armani once said the difference between style and fashion is quality and so far IBT has relentlessly aimed for quality in every of their products and they hold the ideology of achieving steady growth by taking one step at a time.

More Photos….

Notepads by IBT

Notepads by IBT







Pouch for Laptops...

Pouch for Laptops…



For the curious minds, ‘Ibiaye’ means ‘Good Things’ in Kalabari native dialect. So, ‘Ibiaye By Tennie’ actually means ‘Good Things By Tennie’.

Future Plans….

Ibiaye By Tennie is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission since December 2012. On future plans, IBT fashion and accessories is working on having a showroom and a permanent training school where young and aspiring entrepreneurs can be trained and motivated to break forth and pursue their dreams without fear. Ibiaye By Tennie has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria to places like Texas, Congo, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and New York giving Nigerians residing in these places over an authentic look with our cultural and trendy African fabrics.  With Ibiaye By Tennie, fashion and everything just keeps getting better!

You can contact Ibiaye By Tennie via:

Mobile: 08095178875


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ibiayebytennie

Twitter: @tenniewest

Diepriye Diri

Diepriye Diri




Written by Diri Ibim Diepriye, a final year student of Niger Delta University studying Sociology






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