Summer is the warmest season of the year and it falls between June and August.

The summer season can give you plenty of reasons to have a blast, it also means you can jazz up your wardrobe and look really cool in some stunning dresses.

Summer clothes should be picked with proper planning so that you can have the most versatile kind of wear for the entire season. In your choice of clothes, bright and happy colors are the most appropriate for the season because they tend to illuminate people around you.

For the LADIES;

Tanks are the coolest and hippest summer clothing you can purchase to keep the heat away. Get one in your wardrobe and team it with a pair of jeans for a cool look. Besides, overalls are back, and it’s one way to wear your tanks and look really trendy.

I love the summer season due to the wide variety of dresses one can flaunt! Summer clothes will be incomplete without the mention of soft, billowing dresses. Pick out cotton fabrics or light material that has halter necks. Dresses with flares on their lower half could boost your personality.

With the increasing temperatures, you can never go wrong with shorts, cropped pants which are ideal for the beach and a casual outing as well. Casual shorts when worn with tees look really comfy for the season.

For the Guys;

Guys can simply opt for apparel that is high on the comfort factor and trendy to sport as well. Casual Tees with smart slogans, sheer shirts that show off the sculpted body, basic jeans, cargos, etc. can also form a part of your summer clothing. Loads of pockets on the pants, zany colors, soft fabrics and a trendy pair of sunglasses can help you feel comfortable in the summer seaso

Accessorize It Right!

Summer clothes without the right accessories would really not create the right impact. Add some variety to your garments with some chunky jewelry. Necklaces with bold pendants, beaded earrings and bracelets can turn any plain outfit into an interesting look. It’s fine to go high on blinks. Ladies can go in for peep toe footwear or strappy sandals with or without heels and guys can go in for open footwear as well. It is good business feeling cool and trendy after all. Don’t forget to throw in a hat to act as a sunscreen for your skin.

Revamping your wardrobe with some cool summer clothing makes you stylish and trendy for the season, besides you could also help a friend with some fashion tips.


Be Fashionable, Be Stylish, Be You!


In Style,

Esther N.

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