If You Can Flush A Toilet, You’re Creative Part 1

You know that kind of situation when you really need to eat heavy at night despite doctor’s orders to eat only leafy vegetables. The cholesterol level was inching up towards the threshold and you needed to get off carbohydrates or at least pinch it. And you say to yourself,”Just one more time at least and I will obey the doctor.”

Right from the office, I yearned to lay my hands on a meal of foofoo and vegetable soup. You know that kind of situation where you actually dream of what to eat and you drool before you get home. I called my wife and that’s how I found myself eating a heavy meal some nights ago. I enjoyed it. Then came the morning  when it was time to visit the loo. Heavy logs of excreta came out of my bowels, the type that makes one wonder if they actually came out of the intestines.

My first flush didn’t send them down the drain. Neither did the second. Surprisingly, the third didn’t. This was my first experience in the house I had packed into since September last year. Then I waited for the water to fill the cistern and with one violent shove of the handle, water came swishing in torrents, yet the two logs swirled around and settled, staring at me with that ‘nothing-de-happen’ look.

My initial thought  was that the system had become faulty. I wanted to dial my plumber to come take a look,but another thought came to me – do it the old style you were used to as a kid. So I decided to get violent. I grabbed a bucket, filled it with water and dunked the whole contents in the bowl in one swoosh. When the vortex had settled, the logs had disappeared. If the water from the cistern couldn’t do it, then a bucket of water should, I reasoned. And as I took the action, the popular verse in the Bible “…the violent taketh it by force” made a smile to play at the corner of my lips.

Sometimes, solutions to thorny life’s problems don’t come in complex forms. They come when we go out of our way to take some rudimentary steps like forgetting the handle of a toilet systems and dunking a bucket of water to get the stuff down. That’s creativity.

Weaving through our spiral DNAs are streaks of creativity. Everyone can be creative!

…to be continued.


Emeka NOBIS simply helps you do what you love and love what you do as well as earn by doing so. As a Life Strategist, he helps individuals discover the unique array of gifts within and how to use them to live a life filled with purpose. He sits atop Profound Impacts International as the Lead Strategist, a company he founded with a mission to nurture minds for impacts. The company is fostered on five pedestals - mind dynamics, business, relationships, career and sprituality. As a writer and author, he has written THE PROFOUND LIFE: Principles and Strategies for Living a Life of Impacts. Follow him on twitter for life changing tweets. Add him on BB 2A15C52B

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