International Fashion Week by Native & Vogue holds in Port Harcourt this September

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The Native and Vogue project is a 3 day fashion week that primarily brings together already established fashion designers from Nigeria and beyond who will showcase their wares. The coordinators believe that the project will serve as a spring board for aspiring designers to seize the opportunity in launching out with their careers after a short period of tutelage under the already established designers. Renowned designers like Frank Osodi, Adebayo Jones, Ituen Basi and Mai Atafo are part of those to participate during the fashion week. Others are Sunny Rose, Davida, Alvince, and Paul Van Zyl.


Native and Vogue is a platform developed by Neo-Mantra ltd (an intellectual property development company) and Bunor Creazioni ltd (a renowned Nigerian based fashion design, consultancy and model management firm). The aim of Native and Vogue according to the initiators is to foster the growth of the fashion industry by providing structure and an economic model that will ultimately benefit the nation.

It is on that note that the International Fashion Week is being held in Port Harcourt to support the development of the local fashion industry. “This endeavor will earn the treasure Base of the nation its rightful place on the international fashion map and is also a medium to achieve one of the key millennium development goals, poverty reduction, because of the myriad of jobs and other opportunities it would create hence buttressing its “rivers of opportunities” slogan.” said the Organizers.

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Native & Vogue International Fashion Week holds on Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September at Aztech Arcum, Stadium Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

The entire 3 day period promises to be filled with lots of fanfare and other activities to draw attention and bring goodwill to Rivers State.


There will be exhibitions that will go on before, during and after the shows. Interested fashion and accessory designers and sellers are welcome to showcase their wares at this event.


As part of the pre-event preparations, competitions are being held to ensure the involvement of the local models and designers in the process. Winners have already emerged for the ‘Face of Native & Vogue Search Competition’ and the winners are; Gedoni Emmanuel Ekpata, a 23years old 500 level student of Gas Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt, and Doris Adaugo Uche, a 21years old 400 level student of Anatomy at the University of Port Harcourt.

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Entries has since closed for the ‘Young Designers’ Competition’ and winners are expected to emerge soon.

On how to participate and for further enquiries, visit the official website: or email



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